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MS. Pococke 294

Probably 13th Century (Gregorian)


The volume contains 199 folios, with 3 preliminary leaves and 4 blank back leaves, all of later paper, as is folio 1 which is blank except for the aphorism: هذا كتاب لويباع بوزنه دهباً لكان البايع المغبون Even if this volume were sold for its weight in gold, the seller would have been cheated A small piece of paper removed at the time of rebinding is pasted onto folio 1, bearing a Latin note to the effect that it contains the commentary by Ibn al-Nafis (Ibn Naphîs Al Korashi) on the Hippocratic treatise on aphorisms.

Physical Description

Extent: 198 ff. (folios 2b-199b)

Leaf (cm)18.126.4
Written (cm)11.520.0


The volume is from the collection of Edward Pococke, which was mostly assembled in Aleppo in the 1630s and came into the Bodleian Library in 1692.


The text is written in a widely spaced, large, elegant, Naskh with occasional vocalization. The initial kāf is frequently missing the top stroke. The final letters of words at the end of a line are often written in the margin at a considerable distance from the ruled text area. The letters ḥāʼ and ʻayn have minuscule letters beneath, possibly added later, and the letter sīn occasionally has a háček. The text is written in black ink with headings in red.


The volume is bound in a nineteenth-century European library binding of tan leather over pasteboards; the covers have two blind-tooled simple frames. There are modern pastedowns and endpapers. The traces of an envelope flap from an earlier binding are visible on folio 1a.


Collection: Pococke Collection


Manuscript description based on Emilie Savage-Smith; A New Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts in The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. Volume I: Medicine, Oxford: OUP, 2011

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