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MS. Laud Or. 139

n.d. (Gregorian)

The volume contains 171 leaves plus two preliminary leaves and two end leaves. Folio 171b has 24 lines of casually written recipes useful, amongst other things, for the pain of gnashing teeth, for producing a peaceful sleep, for increasing sexual enjoyment, for toothache, and for throbbing pain. The preliminary and end leaves are blank except for (on the second preliminary leaf) the ex libris of Archbishop Laud dated 1635 and a statement in the same Latin hand that the volume contains Galen’s commentary interpreted by ‘Harim Ben Isaac’.

Physical Description

Extent: 171 ff.


The volume is bound in a European (seventeenth-century?) library binding of dark–brown leather over pasteboards. Each cover has a gold stamped crest with a coat of arms. The spine has five raised bands. There are relatively recent paper pastedowns of watermarked paper (two-handled footed vase surmounted by a flower and a crescent moon). On both pastedowns there are two fragments of cloth tapes in the centre of stained rectangular areas. At one time fragments of Western manuscripts were attached in these areas, for on the back inside cover (pastedown) there is the following handwritten note: ‘Slips of paper pasted down over the four tapes have been taken out for the sake of writing which was on the underside of some of them, and will be catalogued with other Western fragments belonging to Laud. [signed] E. W. B. Nicholson, 13 Feb. 1898.’ These fragments have not been located. Edward Williams Byron Nicholson was Bodley’s Librarian from 1881 until his death in 1912.


Collection: Laud Oriental Collection


Manuscript description based on Emilie Savage-Smith; A New Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts in The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. Volume I: Medicine, Oxford: OUP, 2011.

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