A Bayad or Common-place Book.

Main language: Persian.



Jam'-i mamalik mahrusah


The book is apparently assembled from parts of different dates. On f289b there is a colophon dated Burhanpur regnal year 40 (of Awrangzib?); A chronogram giving 1195 (1780-81) for the death of Haidar 'Ali (of Mysore) occurs on f304a. In places there is English annotation in red, presumably the work of Sir Charles Malet. In elongated form, with varying format and decoration. Contains poems, letters and other ornate prose, a building account, accounts of the revenue of the Mughal Empire, Iran and Gujarat. Illustrations and decoration: Various. Some pages have ruled gilt margins. Red ink is used on some. In some sections the paper is sprinkled with gold.

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