شرح فصول أبقراط لجالينوس Galen's Commentary on the Hippocratic Aphorisms Sharḥ Fuṣūl Abuqrāṭ liGālīnūs

Main language: Arabic.


  • Derenbourg-Renaud, 1941ii, pp. 2-3.


This is Ḥunayn ibn Ishaq 's Translation of Galen's commentary on the Hippocratic Aphorisms. It lacks the whole of book 1 and the first few folios of book 2; it starts from a middle of comm. on lemma ii. 1. The beginning of each Book is as follows: Bk3: 28a; Bk4: 51a; Bk5: 85a; Bk6: 111a; Bk7: 138b.

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