A collection of poems, letters, etc., by various writers.

Main language: Persian.



Hangami kih mukhbir-i sadiq-i subh


The layout and ornamentation of the pages is uniform, but the text has been written in sections, evidently at different times and probably by more than one hand. Pages 149-195 have numerous English interlinear and marginal glosses and notes in red ink, probably written by Sir Charles Malet. F1a: Presented to the Oriental Translation Com by Sir A. Malet Bart. Last additional folio, verso: note of death of an unidentified person on Wednesday, eve of Thursday 10 Jumada I A.H. 1193 (26 May 1779). Includes the Haft Pand of Mulla Hasan Kashi, a qasidah of Fuduli, the Shams al-Manaqib of Mirza Mu'izz? Fitrat, the Saqi-namah of Zuhuri, letters of Shah Tahmasp II to Muhammad Shah, of 'Abd al-mu'min Khan to Shah 'Abbas and the reply etc. Ruled margins and dividing panels. Headings and punctuation in red in parts. Illuminated panel over beginning of text. Two sections have lluminated initial openings (135-6, 149-50 by existing pagination.) Page 415 has a drawing of a peacock in ink, with, in the margin, an appropriate poem subscribed by Mir 'Ali Naqi al-Husaini, who may also have drawn the picture.


  • Poetry
  • Ornate prose
  • Some historical interest.

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