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Abwab al-Jinan.

Main language: Persian.



Bihtarin Maqali kih sar-khail-i karawan-i funun-i muhawarat


  • Ethe, No 2213. Cf. Rieu, ii, pp. 697-8.
  • For Price's bequest see J.R.A.S., iii (1836), pp. xii-xiv, lx.


Box 126 F1a: a) signature of David Price b) Notes of ownership by Muhammad Hasan b.Hajji Muhammad Tahir b. Karbala'i Salih (3), and Mirza Baba. c) Obscured impression of small oval seal of Muhammad ...? d) Six poor impression of the elongated octagonal seal of David Price. Folio preceding text, recto: description of the work by Price, with his signature and the date March 1793. A collection of religious and ethical prescriptions from a Shi'i point of view. The first volume only. Headings and punctuation in red. Ethical and religious prescriptions, from a Shi'i point of view.

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