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A collection of ghazals by Khusraw Dihlawi, Jami, Hilali and others.

Main language: Persian.



Athari namand baqi zi man andar az-i ruyat


  • For Price's bequest see J.R.A.S., iii (1836), pp. xii-xiv, lx.


Bound with Codrington/Reade No 350 (1), q.v. F1a: Seal of Ayyub dated 1132, as on No 350 (1). Not a Diwan of Khusraw as stated in Persian on F1a and in the catalogues. The text areas are mounted in blue paper mounts, uniform with those of Codrington/Reade No 350 (1), However this MS is by a different and persumably later scribe. The text is written in panels enclosed in gold margins outlined in black. There is a panel of rather simple illumination above the beginning of the text and the surround of the first verse have gilt floral decoration.


  • Poetry.

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