شرح أصحاب بدرCommentary on the Companions of Badr

Also known as:

  • Šarḥ Aṣḥāb Badr

Pagination: 93b-122b

Main language: Turkish, Ottoman (1500-1928).

Ottoman Turkish

Incipit and Explicit

Incipit: [p. 93b] بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم هذ شرح أصحاب بدر

Explicit: [p. 47b,] زين للناظر تاريخه - تمّ بحول المتعال البيان


سنة ١١٥٢ تم


This work contains a poem in which is a commentary on the first work in this Manuscript on the companions who fought in the battle of Badr.

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