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Abvāb al-jinānابوان الجنان

Main language: Persian.


  • For a more detailed description see Arberry 1939, pages 368-9.


A well-written copy of the first 656 of the well-known ethical compendium, planned in eight abwāb of which only two have survived

This part of the work has been lithographed in Persia and India [ 405-6 ; Arberry 1937 a, page 16. ]

The following note is pasted on the inside back cover: "Prince Jamh 0 Deen's compliments to and he has the pleasure of sending the accompanying Manuscript, which is a curiosity written in the time of Lady Seymour Mohammud Shaw Amprah [sic] of India, in the city of Delhi nearly two century [sic] ago and, he hopes she will kindly accept the same. 20 No[vem]ber/37." This statement is, of course, quite inaccurate. The Abvāb al-jinān is dedicated to : Shah 'Abbas II of Persia (d. 1077/1667) Muḥammad Shāh was Emperor at Delhi from 1719 HQ to 1748 HQ

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