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A collection of four medical poems. [Untitled]

Pagination: from="170" to="171">ff. 170v-171r

Main language: Arabic.

Incipit and Explicit

Incipit: شعر/ ضننت الهوي سهلا اذا سهله حزن فصبراً عسي ناي / المحب له [؟] ان يدنو

Explicit: وله ايضا/ [...]يد الزمان فقد شبت والبحا / واستحال الصحي دحا واستحال / الدجي ضحي


  • NCAM-1, Entry No. 93
  • UAM, 128 entry DXXX (530); this item is not mentioned
  • NPAE, 585; this item is not mentioned
  • The manuscript was exhibited in Oxford in 1981; see Wakefield, Doctrina Arabum, 9 no. 18


A collection of four medical poems, of which the last two are assigned to Ibn al-Zaqqāq al-Andalusī, also called al-Balansī. The collection has been carefully copied by the person transcribing Galen’s commentary on the Hippocratic treatise On Prognostics (see first entry of this volume).

The copy is unsigned and undated. The appearance of the paper, ink, and script suggests a dating of before the end of the seventh/thirteenth century, possibly in Syria or Egypt.

It appears to be a complete copy of four short poems.

Dimensions 25.3 × 17.2 (text area 18.6 × 11.8) cm; 16–17 lines per page. The author of two of the poems is named as Ibn al-Zaqqāq al-Andalusī on folio 171a10.

The text area is frame-ruled. The text is written in a large Naskh with occasional vocalization in dense-black ink with headings and text-stops (groups of 3 dots) in red ink. The letters sīn and rāʾ have háčeks, and the letter dāl has a dot beneath. There are frequent ligatures of alifs with following letters.

There are no marginalia in this section of the volume.


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