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Main language: Persian.



Ay dadah bi-'aql partau-i agahi


  • As for Codrington/Reade No 131.


The first gathering, and some other pages, in another hand, probably replacements. In the colophon the scribe states that he has written it two or three pages at a time over eleven months when not occupied at court or sleeping or eating. Folio preceding text, recto. Note describing the book by Briggs, dated Ghooha? 1819. Front flyleaf, recto and back flyleaf verso, impressions of small rectangular seal of Thakur Parshad dated 1234 and 12. Inside front cover, ex libris: Lieut. Col. Briggs. Written for the writer's son Sakar? Nath Pandit? Ratashi?. The impression of the seal under the colophon may be the writer's, but has been defaced. Headings and punctuation in red.

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