كتاب تيسير الوصول إلى تفسير الفصول لأبقراط

Also known as:

  • Kitāb Taysīr al-Wuṣūl ʾilā tafsīr al-fuṣūl li-ʾAbuqrāṭ
  • Making It Easy to Arrive at an Explanation of Hippocrates’ ‘Aphorisms’

Main language: Arabic.


The copy is unnamed and undated. Iskandar estimates the date of copying around the 18th century. The title and author are given on the front page as كتاب تيسير الوصول إلى تفسير الفصول لأبقراط by علي بن طاهر الطبيب السنجاري.


  • Iskandar, A. Z, A catalogue of Arabic manuscripts on medicine and science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library 1967, p.p. 202-03.


This is a lemmatically arranged commentary. The introduction begins on f. 5b ; the beginning of each Book is as follows: Bk 1: 6a; Bk 2: 13b; Bk 3: 25b; Bk 4 34a; Bk 5: 49b; Bk 6: 61b; Bk 7: 69b.

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