A book on divination, beginning with short sections in prose on fortunate and unfortunate times for various activities, and on the intrepretation of dreams, but mostly (ff5a-end) taken up with a mathnawi poem on this last subject, entitled, or at least described as 'Ta'bir-i Khwab'.

Main language: Persian.



Dar bayan-i jamah buridan az khatam-i anbiya Incipit of poem: Ibtida mikunam bi-nam-i khuda * sani'-i taht u fauq u ard u sama


  • Storey, ii, p. 471 (but the poem is not, as Storey there suggests might be possible, identical with that in the India Office MS noted on the next page.) No other copy is noted in Storey.


Front flyleaf, recto: Defaced name, probably in Latin rather than Cyrillic script, perhaps beginning J (for Jacob or James?) Doublures and flyleaves of blue paper with Russian watermark. Pasted inside front cover: detailed description of the MS in English on lined paper, possibly in the hand of E.G. Browne. The poem is stated to be based on the words of Hadrat-i Yusuf, who, like his biblical equivalent Joseph, is associated with dream-interpretation. Headings and some punctuation in red. Scribe is Qurban 'Ali b. the late Mashhadi 'Ali, originally from Ardabil


  • Divination
  • the interpretation of dreams.

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