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R.13.19 (Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge)

Oriental Manuscripts


A work on complex points of Islamic theology, according to the doctrines of the Ḥanafī sect.

Title: Nuṣrat al-dīnīyah
Title: نصرة الدينية
Title: بيان السنة والجماعة

This work consists of a preface and fifteen sections, followed by a number of fragments.

Incipit: الحمد لله رب العالمين جاعل الانبياء سادةً للعالمين والعلماء قادةً للمؤمنين والفقهاء حافظةً للمخطين
Explicit: وأما تعلّم علم الطبّ فيجوز لانه سبب من الاسباب فيجوز كساير الاسباب
Language(s): Arabic
Title: Section One

On Sect.

Title: Section Two

On the proposition “That faith is neither increased by just works, nor diminished by the commission of sins.”

Title: Section Three

Whether the commission of sins excludes a man from faith.

Title: Section Four

Whether good works are nullified by evil works.

Title: Section Five

Whether the Believer who has committed an offence against God is to be designated by the term عدو 'Enemy of God'.

Title: Section Six

Whether our faith is to be likened to that of the angels and the prophets.

Title: Section Seven

On faith and its motives.

Title: Section Eight

On God’s Unity, and the considerations which confirm a belief in it.

Title: Section Nine

On استثناء, i.e. the use of the formula: ‘If it please God’

Title: Section Ten

On the origins and causes of schism amongst Muslims.

Title: Section Eleven

On the interpretation of a saying of Mohammed with reference to the above.

Title: Section Twelve

On the unrighteous character of the Sufis, and the illegality of all unseemly mirth and amusements, such as dancing and the like.

Title: Section Thirteen

A fatwa of al-Dubūsī on the origin of schism.

Title: Section Fourteen

On the sect of the Sunnis, and the sayings attributed to ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib,‏ Caliph,‏ d. approximately 600-661.

Title: Section Fifteen

On Intelligence.


Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 77 ff.


Origin: 1566

Provenance and Acquisition

[Any information about a single identifiable episode in the life of the manuscript between origin and acquisition]

Record Sources

"Manuscript description based on "E. G. Browne: A supplementary hand-list of the Muhammadan manuscripts, including all those written in the Arabic character, preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, 1922", and "E.H. Palmer A Descriptive Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian and Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, London 1870".


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