Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

R.13.59 (Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge)

Oriental Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: 1 copy of the Waṣīyat-nāmah of Mehmet Efendi Birgivî, as well as various prayers in Turkish and Arabic
1. ff. 5v.-103v.

Pīr ʿAlī's testamentary advice: a short course of instruction in Turkish on the principles of Islamic Law.

Incipit: الحمد لله الذي هدانا للإسلام وجعلنا من أمة محمد عليه الصلوة والسلام
Explicit: ومن أراد أن يهلك عدوه فليقرأ سورة تبت ألف مرة ومن أراد أن ينجي المحبوس فليقرأ سورة الإخلاص ألف مرة
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish
2. ff. 1r.-1v.
Author: Anonymous‏
Title: An Arabic prayer

Followed by four questions on ceremonial law.

Language(s): Arabic
3. ff. 2r.-3v.
Author: Anonymous
Title: Chapter on the Asmāʾi ʿĀẓam ('Mighty Names')
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish
4. ff. 4r.-34.
Author: Anonymous
Title: On genuflections
Language(s): Ottoman Turkish
5. f. 5r.
Author: Anonymous
Title: Three forms of prayer or invocation
Language(s): Arabic
6. ff. 103v.-104v.
Author: Anonymous
Title: An Arabic prayer
Language(s): Arabic

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 105 ff.


A good Naskh hand

  • On the last leaf is an Arabic qaṣīdah in praise of the Prophet, beginning: أشرق البدر علينا واختفت منه البدور .
  • This is followed by a note in Turkish on the proper devotional formula to be used on first opening one's eyes in the morning.


Origin: Undated

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on 'E. G. Browne: A supplementary hand-list of the Muhammadan manuscripts, including all those written in the Arabic character, preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, 1922', and 'E.H. Palmer: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian and Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, London 1870'.


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