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R.13.101 (Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge)

Oriental Manuscripts


1 copy of Kullīyāt-i Saʻdī Shirāzī by Saʻdī

The complete works of Shaykh Saʻdī‏.

Incipit: شكر وسپاس معبودى را جلت قدرته كه آفريننده مخلوقات عالمست
Language(s): Persian and Arabic
1. ff. 6v.-9r.
Title: Risālah-i avval dar taqrīr dībāchah
Title: رساله أول در تقرير ديباچه

A short essay on prefaces.

2. ff. 9r.-11r.
Title: al-Majlis al-awwal
Title: المجلس الأول

The first of the Five Assemblies (رساله دويم مجالس پنجگانه) .

3. ff. 11r.-13r.
Title: al-Majlis al-thānī
Title: المجلس الثاني

The Second Assembly.

4. ff. 13r.-14v.
Title: al-Majlis al-thālith
Title: المجلس الثالث

The Third Assembly.

5. ff. 14v.-16v.
Title: al-Majlis al-rābiʿ
Title: المجلس الرابع

The Fourth Assembly.

6. ff. 16v.-19v.
Title: al-Majlis al-khāmis
Title: المجلس الخامس

The Fifth Assembly.

7. ff. 19v.-20r.
Title: Risālah-i sīyūm dar suʾāl ṣāḥib-i dīvān
Title: رساله سيوم در سؤال صاحب ديوان

The Question of the Minister of Finance. Text is written in the margin.

10. ff. 27v.-30r.
Title: Risālah-i shishum al-rasāʾil al-thālithah
Title: رساله ششم الرسائل الثالثة

The three treatises, detailed as follows:

Title: Risālah-i avval dāstān-i Sulṭān Ābāqā
Title: رساله اول داستان سلطان آباقا

Treatise One: The Story of Sulṭān Ābāqā.

Title: Risālah-i davum dar naṣīḥat-i Ankīyānū
Title: رساله دوم در نصيحة انكيانو

Treatise Two: The Counsel of Ankīyānū.

Title: Risālah-i sīyūm dar Malik Shams al-Dīn Tāzī Gū
Title: رسالة سيوم در ملك شمس الدين تازى گو

Treatise Three: Anecdote of King Shams al-Dīn, surnamed Tāzī Gū, or the Arabic Orator.

12. ff. 86v.-165r.

A series of moral stories in verse, in masnavī style. It consists of a preface and ten chapters.

13. ff. 171r.-194r.

Persian qaṣīdahs.

15. ff. 198r.-202v.

Poems with verses alternating between Persian and Arabic.

16. ff. 202v.-207r.

Tarjīʿ poems.

17. ff. 207r.-284r.

Poems entitled 'Pure Odours'.

21. ff. 337r.-354r.

Poems addressed to friends.

23. ff. 356r.-362v.

The Book of Obscenities.


Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 381 ff.


Small and elegant taʻlīq.


Gold and green borders

Illuminated ʿunwāns

f. 238 Illustration depicting Khosraw and Shirin.

f. 249 Illustration depicting the sporting game chovgan.

f. 345 Illustration depicting one of the early kings of Persia raising a supplicant.


The first page bears the seal of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah,‏ ‎Sultan of Golkunda, with the words: حيدر صفدر مرا نعتش نگین دل است العبد محمد قطب شاه سلطان مهر بر حق انكشتر سليمان


Origin: Undated

Provenance and Acquisition

This volume was once the property of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah,‏ ‎Sultan of Golkunda,‏ ‎d. 1565-1612.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on 'E. G. Browne: A supplementary hand-list of the Muhammadan manuscripts, including all those written in the Arabic character, preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, 1922', and 'E.H. Palmer A Descriptive Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian and Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, London 1870'.


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