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Wadh.Minasian 348 (The Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford)

Oriental Manuscripts Minasian Collection


A collection of 3 books on different topics.

ff. 1a-3b
Language(s): Arabic

Islamic Jurisprudence

Author: Unknown author.
Title: [Fiqh]
Title: فقه

A very short treatise on Fostering Rules in Arabic whose author is unknown.

Incipit: اذا اوضعت امراة الرجل من لبنه ولد اختها حرمت علی زوجها لان المرتضع تصیر ولداله من الرضاعة فتکون امه فی النسب بمنزلة…
Explicit: … البت علی زوجها لان الزوج ابا المرتضع و زوجته من اولاد صاحب اللبن ابتدات بتاییده و اختمت بتوفیقه والسلم علی نبیه…


Sequence Number in the Persian Catalogue:

  • FAW 678
ff. 4b-16a
Language(s): Arabic


This treatise contains a course of the ancient science of mathematics, organized in an introduction and ten chapters as follows:

Introduction: در تعریف علم حساب

Chapter 1: حساب صحاح از جمع و تفریق و ضرب و تقسیم

Chapter 2: در حساب کسور

Chapter 3: در استخراج مجهولات باربعه متناسبه

Chapter 4: در استخراج مجهولات بحساب خطئین

Chapter 5: در استخراج مجهول بعمل عکس

Chapter 6: در مساحت

Chapter 7: در آنچه از توابع مساحات است

Chapter 8: در استخراج مجهولات بطریق جبر و مقابله

Chapter 9: در قواعدی که برای محاسب لازم است

Chapter 10: در مسايل متفرقه.

Additionally, each chapter has several parts. In this book, Bahāʾī has discussed experimental problems as well as complex and unsolvable mathematical problems. Many commentary works have been written on this work.

Incipit: بسمله، نحمدک یا من لا یحیط بجمیع نعمه عدد… و بعد فان الفقیر الی الله الغنی بهاءالدین محمد بن حسین العاملی… یقول اعلم ان الحساب لا تخفی علو شانه…
Explicit: … مسئله قیل لشخص کم مضی من اللیل فقال ثلث ما مضی…||


Sequence Number in the Persian Catalogue:

  • FAW 354

Similar copies in other libraries:

  • NLI, 11/9
  • MAL, 6/237
  • SEP, 4/381
  • UTL, 4/883
  • GIE, 1/98-99

Similar manuscripts listed in other catalogues:

  • COM, 1/195-201
  • ALZ, 7/224
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Printed editions:

  • Tehran, 1318 AH/1900

On the Web:

ff. 16b-21a
Language(s): Persian


Title: Balāghat
Title: بلاغت
Author: Unknown author.

The first and final folios are missing, and so the title and author are unknown.

Incipit: || … شاید که این تصرف در مرکبی باشد که آن متضمن حصول اسم باشد، چونانکه…
Explicit: … بیاراست اول از آن نامه به / که باشد برو نیز ختم کلام.
Colophon: تمام شد این رساله در شب چهارشنبه سوم… محرم الحرام هزار و نود و یک هجری از مالک جانی روسیاه برخوردار المحرر…


Sequence Number in the Persian Catalogue:

  • FAW 108

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Western paper, buff, varying thickness (thin, regular, and thick). Oriental paper, natural buff, varying thickness (regular and thick), one size; rubricated titles. Western paper, natural buff, varying thickness (thin, regular, and thick), one size; rubricated titles and signs.
Extent: 21 ff. 24.5 × 12.5 cm. 20.5 × 10.5 cm. 24.5 × 12.5 cm. 21 × 10 cm. 24.5 × 12.5 cm. 14 × 10.5 cm.


ff. 1a-3b ff. 4b-16a ff. 16b-21a


Water damage and infestation of some papers.


21 lines per page.

ff. 1a-3b

14 lines per page.

ff. 4b-16a

23 lines per page.

ff. 16b-21a


Naskh, one hand, regular. Cursive nastʿalīq, several hands, regular. Calligraphic Nastaʿalīq, one hand, regular. Scirbe's name wiped out.

  • Notes on the text.


Green leather, 13 × 25 cm, front + back cover, leather + pasteboard.

Ruled and tooled border.


Origin: Unknown place of origin 12th century AH 18th century CE 11-12th century AH 17-18th century CE 1091 AH 1681 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated to The Ferdowsi Library by Dr Caro Minasian in 1972.

Record Sources

This record was created based on the information published in: Mir-Ansari, Ali, Catalogue of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts in the Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford (Minasian Collection), Tehran: Miras-e Maktoob, 2016.


Entry to the Library is permitted upon presentation of a valid university ID card (for admissions procedures, please visit Wadham College Library, Persian Studies Section). Please Contact persian.library@wadham.ox.ac.uk for further information on the availability of this manuscript

Key to bibliographical abbreviations of alternative versions:


AQR: Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi; FAW: Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford (Minasian Collection); GIE: Great Islamic Encyclopedia Library, Manuscripts; GIP: Great Islamic Encyclopedia Library, Photographed and Microfilmed Manuscripts; GUL: Library of Ayatollah Gulpayigani; LAH: Library of Ayatollah Ha'iri (Library of Faydiyya Seminary); MAJ: Library, Museum and Documentation Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly; MAL: Malek National Museum and Library; MNL: Mar'ashi Najafi Library; NLI: National Library of Iran; SEP: Sepahsalar (Shahid Motahari) Mosque and School of Tehran; TCL: Tabriz Central Public Library; UTA: Library of Literature Faculty, University of Tehran; UTL: Central Library of University of Tehran.


ALZ: الذریعه; ARP: فهرست کتاب‌های چاپی عربی; COM: فهرست مشترک نسخه‌های خطی فارسی; DEN: فهرستواره دست‌نوشته‌های ایران (دنا); FAM: فهرست نسخه‌های خطی فارسی; FAP: فهرست کتاب‌های چاپی فارسی; FIH: فهرستواره کتاب‌های فارسی; KAS: کشف الظنون عن اسامی الکتب و الفنون; RAY: ریحانة الادب فی تراجمِ المعروفین بالکنیة او اللّقب; TAB: طبقات اعلام الشیعه.

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Wadham College (University of Oxford)


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