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Wadh.Minasian 41 (The Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford)

Oriental Manuscripts Minasian Collection


Summary of Contents: Abū al-Ḥasan Bahāʾ al-Dīn ʿAlī ibn ʿĪsá ibn abī al-Fatḥ Hakkārī was a hadith scholar, poet, and literary figure of the Imamiyyah faith in the 7th century AH. He has several written works, including Kashf al-ghamah fī maʿrifat al-aʿimmat. This book provides a biographical account of the Prophet (PBUH), Fātimah and the twleve Imams. While writing the book, the author has taken a succinct approach. In each chapter, he first narrates some hadiths from the Sunnis and then proceeds to narrate some hadiths from the Shiite sources. At the end of each chapter, he adds some qasidas praising and remembering the subjected person. The book is composed in 12 chapters to follow the number of the 12 Imams. It has two parts, in the order of the names of the 14 Impeccables, beginning with Muḥammad and continuing with Fātimah and the Imams to finish with the twelveth Imam. Each chapter begins with the name and the date and place of birth, followed by a detailed biographical account. It proceeds to list instances of their virtues, miracles, and honours, followed by an account of their parentage, ancestry, and children. This work has been translated into Persian by ʿAlī ibn Ḥasan Zavvāraʼī under the title of Tarjumat al-Manāqib.
Language(s): Persian


Incipit: بسمله، حمدله،… اما بعد بر ارباب الباب مخفی نیست که غرض از خلقت عالم و آدم وجود با وجود سیّد بشر و ائمهٔ اثنی عشر است…
Explicit: … و کان اتمامه فی السادس عشر من شهر صفر ختم بالخیر و الظفر لسنه ثمان و ثلثین و تسعمائه علی ید… علی بن حسن الزواری… آمین یا رب العالمین. ||
Colophon: تمت الکتاب بعون الملک الوهاب فی سابع عشر شهر شعبان‌المعظم سنه ست عشر الف من الهجره.


Sequence Number in the Persian Catalogue:

  • FAW 180

Similar Copies in Other Libraries:

  • MAJ 21/52
  • MNL 21/134
  • UTL 9/1307, 10/1625

Similar Copies listed in Other Catalogues:

  • DEN 2/1148
  • FAM 6/4439-4441

Printed editions:

  • Tehran, 1392 Shamsī/2013

Physical Description

Support: Oriental paper, plain and dark buff, regular thickness, one size, glossy; rubricated titles, rubricated line above Quranic verses and hadiths.
Extent: 286 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 35 × 21.5 cm.
Dimensions (written): 25 × 14 cm.


Initial folios are edge mended.


25 lines per page; poems in four columns


Calligraphic Nastaʿalīq, one hand, regular

Additions: Rectangular stamp on f.1a: عبده [محمد] حسین . Stamp on f.1b removed. Rectangular stamp on f.285b: عبده [محمد] حسین . Rectangular stamp on f.286a: پروین… . Rectangular, illegible stamp.


Black leather, 36 × 22.5 cm, front + back cover, leather + pasteboard, honey-coloured leather doublure.

Painted, tooled edges

Simple tooling; medallion


The medallion has severely been destroyed over time.


Origin: Unknown place of origin; 17 Shaʿbān 1016 AH; 1607 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated to The Ferdowsi Library by Dr Caro Minasian in 1972.

Record Sources

This record was created based on the information published in: Mir-Ansari, Ali, Catalogue of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts in the Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford (Minasian Collection), Tehran: Miras-e Maktoob, 2016.


Entry to the Library is permitted upon presentation of a valid university ID card (for admissions procedures, please visit Wadham College Library, Persian Studies Section). Please Contact persian.library@wadham.ox.ac.ukfor further information on the availability of this manuscript.

Funding of Cataloguing

Wadham College (University of Oxford)

Key to Abbreviations

  • DEN: (فهرستواره دست‌نوشته‌های ایران - دنا)
  • FAM: (فهرست نسخه‌های خطی فارسی)
  • FAW: (Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford - Minasian Collection)
  • MAJ: (Library, Museum and Documentation Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly)
  • MNL: (Mar'ashi Najafi Library)
  • UTL: (Central Library of University of Tehran)


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