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Wadh.Minasian 261 (The Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford)

Oriental Manuscripts Minasian Collection


Summary of Contents: In this treatise, Azharī has analysed the book ʾAlfīyah of Ibn Mālik Naḥvī (600-672 AH). He has analysed each of 1000 couplets of ʾAlfīyah, sentence by sentence.
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic syntax

Incipit: || … تفصیلاً مفعوله علی تقدیر مضاف الیه والتقدیر و هو بسبق جایز تفضیلی من اقامه السبب مقام السبب…
Explicit: … و هذا آخر ما اوردنا فی هذا الملحقهو الحمد لله رب العالمین.
Colophon: تمت الکتاب بعون الملک الوهاب سادس ۲۰۴ [؟] شهر صفر المظفر سنه ۱۱۱۶، تم تم تم تم تم تم تم.


Sequence Number in the Persian Catalogue:

  • FAW 183

Similar Copies in Other Libraries:

  • GIE 2/55
  • GIP 385
  • MAL 1/171
  • NLI 9/25

Similar Copies listed in Other Catalogues:

  • DEN 3/314

Printed editions:

  • Cairo, 1343 Shamsī/1924

Physical Description

Support: Oriental paper, natural buff, varying thickness (thin, regular and thick), one size, glossy; rubricated titles; edge mending and back bone mending of initial and final folios.
Extent: 322 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 17.5 × 11.5 cm.
Dimensions (written): 14 × 8 cm.


15 lines per page


Cursive Naskh, one hand, relatively large

Additions: Note on f.322b: این کتاب مال محمد ابراهیم ابن مرحوم… .


Cardboard with cloth wrapper, 18.5 × 12.5 cm, front + back cover.


Origin: Unknown place of origin; Ṣafar 1116 AH; 1704 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated to The Ferdowsi Library by Dr Caro Minasian in 1972.

Record Sources

This record was created based on the information published in: Mir-Ansari, Ali, Catalogue of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts in the Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford (Minasian Collection), Tehran: Miras-e Maktoob, 2016.


Entry to the Library is permitted upon presentation of a valid university ID card (for admissions procedures, please visit Wadham College Library, Persian Studies Section). Please Contact persian.library@wadham.ox.ac.ukfor further information on the availability of this manuscript.

Funding of Cataloguing

Wadham College (University of Oxford)

Key to Abbreviations

  • DEN: (فهرستواره دست‌نوشته‌های ایران - دنا)
  • FAW: (Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford - Minasian Collection)
  • GIE: (Great Islamic Encyclopedia Library, Manuscripts)
  • GIP: (Great Islamic Encyclopedia Library, Photographed and Microfilmed Manuscripts)
  • MAL: (Malek National Museum and Library)
  • NLI: (National Library of Iran)


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