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Wadh.Minasian 7 (The Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford)

Oriental Manuscripts Minasian Collection


Summary of Contents: al-ʾAlfīyah fī al-naḥv or al-Khulāṣah fī al-naḥv is a work by Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh Ṭāʾī Jīyānī knwon as Ibn Mālik (died 672 AH), where he has presented a versified account of the Arabic syntax in 1000 couplets, hence known as Alfīyah. It has been the focus of attention of many scholars, and many commentaries have been written on it. Awz̤aḥ al-Masālik ilá alfīyah Ibn Mālik, later known as al-Tawz̤īḥ, is one of these commentaries written by Jamāl al-Dīn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Yūsuf Anṣārī Miṣrī known as Ibn Hishām. The current copy is a supercommentary by Abū al-Valīd Zayn al-Dīn Khālid ibn ʿAbd Allāh Azhar‭‭ī Shāfiʿī (died 905 AH) on that commentary. He was a scholar of the Arabic language, contemporary to ʿAbd al-Raḥmān Jāmī and Jalāl al-Dīn Sayūṭī, and wrote this work in 896 AH.
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic syntax

Incipit: || … الرابعه اذا تقدم المستثنی علی المستثنی منه…
Explicit: … والحمد لله الذی هدانا لهذا و ما کنا لنهتدی… وافق الفراغ منه یوم عرفه من شهور سنه ست و تسعین و ثمانی مایه.
Colophon: تم شرح الشیخ العلامه جمال‌الدین بن هشام للشیخ العلامه المرحوم الشیخ زین‌الدین خالد النحوی الازهری… فی یوم الاربعاء المبارک سابع شهر محرم المحرم من شهور سنه اثنین و ستین و الف و صلی الله علی… و الحمد لله رب العالمین تم.


Sequence Number in the Persian Catalogue:

  • FAW 185

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  • MAJ 7/46
  • MNL 2/372
  • UTL 2/344

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  • ARP 187
  • DEN 3/5

Physical Description

Support: Western paper (watermark), natural buff, regular thickness, one size, glossy; the selected excerpts for annotation are in cinnabar.
Extent: 306 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 30 × 20 cm.
Dimensions (written): 21 × 13 cm.


The paper is damaged and infested.


33 lines per page


Graceful, cursive Naskh, one hand, regular; Comment-text book

Additions: Ownership note on f.1a, with some poetry in Arabic.


Cardboard with leather spine, 21 × 13 cm, front + back cover


Cover has been affected and damaged.


Origin: Unknown place of origin; 7 Muḥarram 1062 AH; 1652 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated to The Ferdowsi Library by Dr Caro Minasian in 1972.

Record Sources

This record was created based on the information published in: Mir-Ansari, Ali, Catalogue of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts in the Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford (Minasian Collection), Tehran: Miras-e Maktoob, 2016.


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Funding of Cataloguing

Wadham College (University of Oxford)

Key to Abbreviations

  • ARP: (فهرست کتاب‌های چاپی عربی)
  • DEN: (فهرستواره دست‌نوشته‌های ایران - دنا)
  • FAW: (Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford - Minasian Collection)
  • MAJ: (Library, Museum and Documentation Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly)
  • MNL: (Mar'ashi Najafi Library)
  • UTL: (Central Library of University of Tehran)


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