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Wadh.Minasian 277 (The Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford)

Oriental Manuscripts Minasian Collection


Summary of Contents: One of the most significant works on Arabic syntax which has commonly been used as a textbook in seminaries, and on which many commentaries have been written. The author wrote it for his brother, ʿAbd al-Ṣamad, and called the book Favāʾid Ṣamadīyah. Shaykh Bahāʿī wrote this book in 975 AH, at the age of 22. The content is divided into 5 'Ḥadīqah', as follows: 1) در مقدمات ; 2) در آنچه متعلق به اسم میباشد ; 3) در آنچه متعلق به افعال است ; 4) در جمل و توابع آن ; and 5) در مفردات .
Language(s): Arabic


Incipit: بسمله، احسن الکلام یبتدء بها الکلام و خیر… اما بعد فهذه فواید الصمدیه فی علم العربیه حوت من هذه الفن ما نفعه اعم و معرفته للمبتدئین اهم…
Explicit: … علی العاطف و الرط اسم بعده فعل الاختصاص الایجاب فلا یقال هل لم یقم بخلاف الهمزه نحو الم نشرح لک صدرک.
Colophon: تمت الکتاب بعون الملک الوهاب سنه ۱۲۴۵.


Sequence Number in the Persian Catalogue:

  • FAW 690

Similar Copies in Other Libraries:

  • MAL 1/553-554
  • NLI 3/3
  • SEP 2/390

Similar Copies listed in Other Catalogues:

  • ALZ 15/16
  • DEN 7/1177

Printed editions:

  • Qum, 1383 Shamsī/2004

Physical Description

Support: Western paper (watermark), dark buff, glossy; rubricated titles.
Extent: 24 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 20 × 15 cm.
Dimensions (written): 14 × 8 cm.


Copy contaminated by oil.


15 lines per page


Naskh, one hand, regular

Additions: Oval stamp: عبده الراجی عباسعلی . Explanatory marginalia.


Light brown leather, 16×21 cm, front + back cover, single layer of leather only

Ruled, tooled edges


Origin: Unknown place of origin; 1245 AH; 1830 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated to The Ferdowsi Library by Dr Caro Minasian in 1972.

Record Sources

This record was created based on the information published in: Mir-Ansari, Ali, Catalogue of the Persian and Arabic Manuscripts in the Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford (Minasian Collection), Tehran: Miras-e Maktoob, 2016.


Entry to the Library is permitted upon presentation of a valid university ID card (for admissions procedures, please visit Wadham College Library, Persian Studies Section). Please Contact persian.library@wadham.ox.ac.ukfor further information on the availability of this manuscript.

Funding of Cataloguing

Wadham College (University of Oxford)

Key to Abbreviations

  • ALZ: (الذریعه)
  • DEN: (فهرستواره دست‌نوشته‌های ایران - دنا)
  • FAW: (Ferdowsi Library, Wadham College, University of Oxford - Minasian Collection)
  • MAL: (Malek National Museum and Library)
  • NLI: (National Library of Iran)
  • SEP: (Sepahsalar (Shahid Motahari) Mosque and School of Tehran)


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