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Arabic MS 85 (The John Rylands Research Institute and Library, The University of Manchester)

Arabic Manuscripts


Collection of prayers, commentaries and Qurʼānic texts

Language(s): Arabic

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper
Extent: 218 folios
Dimensions (leaf): 100 × 72 mm.


1 column, 7 written lines




Provenance and Acquisition

Formerly part of the collection of the Persian scholar Nathaniel Bland (1803-1865). Bland’s oriental manuscripts were sold through Bernard Quaritch in 1866 to Alexander Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford.

Purchased by Enriqueta Rylands in 1901 from James Ludovic Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford, for the John Rylands Library.

Arabic MS 85A


A long prayer entitled al-Jawshan al-Kabīr

Folios 1-57
Title: الجوشن الكبير
Title: The Prayer of the Great Coat of Mail
Incipit: رب يسر اللهم اني اسئلك يا الله
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85B


A prayer in verse called Ḥirz al-aqsām

Folios 59-109
Title: حرز الاقسام
Title: Amulet of Oaths
Incipit: رب يسر تعوذت بالرحمن في السر والجهرى
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85C


Sūrah 36 of the Qurʼān

Folios 110-134
Title: Yā-Sīn
Title: يسن
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85D


Sūrah 67, 112, 113, 114 of the Qurʼān

Folios 134-148
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85E


A commentary in Turkish upon the prayer entitled al-Duʻāʼ al-Jamīl

Folios 148-162
Title: شرح الدعاء الجميل
Incipit: روايتدر پيغمبردن بر كون رسول حضرت مسجدده اوتورردى جبرائيل كلدى
Language(s): Turkish

Arabic MS 85F


The Arabic prayer called al-Duʻāʼ al-Jamīl

Folios 162-170
Title: الدعاء الجميل
Title: The Beautiful Prayer
Incipit: يا جميل يا الله يا قديم يا الله يا روؤف يا الله يا مغفر يا الله
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85G


A commentary in Turkish upon the prayer entitled Duʻā Jalīl

Folios 170-191
Title: شرح دعاء جليل
Incipit: روايتدر پيغمبردن بر كون رسول حضرت كعبده اوتورردى اول ساعت ايچنده جبرائيل كلدى ايدر يا رسول الله
Language(s): Turkish

Arabic MS 85H


The Arabic prayer called Duʻā Jalīl

Folios 192-210
Title: دعاء جليل
Title: The Sublime Prayer
Incipit: لا اله الا الله بعده كل تهليل هلله المهللون
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85I


A commentary in Turkish upon the prayer entitled Duʻāʼ al-Nūr

Folios 210-224
Title: شرح دعاء النور
Incipit: روايتدر پيغمبردن بر كون مسجد محرابنه ارقاسين ويرب اوترمشيدى نماز وقتنده در حال جبرائيل اچرو كردى
Language(s): Turkish

Arabic MS 85J


The Arabic prayer called Duʻāʼ al-Nūr

Folios 224-240
Title: دعاء النور
Title: The Prayer of Light
Incipit: اللهم يا نور النور تنورت بالنور في النور نورك يا نور
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85K


A commentary in Turkish upon the prayer entitled Duʻā al-ṣalawāt

Folios 240-270
Title: شرح دعاء الصلوات
Title: Prayer of the Benedictions
Incipit: پيغمبر عليه السلام ايدر كي الله تعالى ايدر يا جبرائيل بو دعاء بنم دوستم محمد مصطفايه هديه ويريدى
Language(s): Turkish

Arabic MS 85L


The Arabic prayer called Duʻā al-ṣalawāt

Folios 270-301
Title: دعاء الصلوات
Incipit: اللهم صل على محمد سيد المرسلين
Explicit: برحمتك يا ارحم الراحمين لا حول ولا قوة الخ
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85M


A treatise, in Turkish, on divination by means of the Qurʼān

Folios 301-333
Incipit: قچانكم فال قران اتمك دلسك مصحف كريمدن بر نيت اوزرنه
Language(s): Turkish

Arabic MS 85N


Arabic prayers with Turkish commentary

Folios 334-344
Language(s): Turkish; Arabic

Arabic MS 85O


A magical and cabalistic prayer by al-Būnī

Folios 346-348
Incipit: هذه من دائرة اسم الله الاعظم عن الامام البوني نفعنا الله به
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85P


A magical and cabalistic prayer in Arabic

Folios 349-357
Title: باب محبة وقبول
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85Q


A magical prayer in Arabic

Folios 358-367
Incipit: هذا دعاء عظيم الشان شديد البرهان وهو اللهم انا اسالك
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85R


A series of cabalistic prayers

Folios 369-424
Language(s): Arabic

Arabic MS 85S


Prayers and notes in Arabic and in Turkish

Folios 425-429
Language(s): Arabic; Turkish

Additional Information

Record Sources

Catalogue information compiled by Abdullah al-Rashidi from Alphonse Mingana, Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library, Manchester University Press, 1934.


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