Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

Arabic MS 114 (The John Rylands Research Institute and Library, The University of Manchester)

Arabic Manuscripts


Original and selected poetry and prose in Arabic, Persian and Turkish

Folios 1-2

A poem of fifteen baits on Napoleon's marriage with Marie Louise, by Mīkhāʾīl Ṣabbāgh, a late Syrian Christian, who died in Paris in 1816

Incipit: قال ميخائيل صباغ تهنية القيصر المعظم والسلطان المفخم نابليون سلطان فرانسا في زواجه بابنة ... سلطان النمسا مارىّ لويز ومورخا عامه
Language(s): Arabic
Folios 3-6a

Ghazals from the Diwan of Jami

Title: ديوان جامى
Language(s): Persian
Folios 6b-13

Anonymous poetical praise of Malikshāh

Incipit: خوشا نواحي بغداد
Language(s): Persian
Folios 14-17

Extracts from the first bāb of the Nigāristān of Kamal Pasha Zadah

Title: نگارستان
Language(s): Persian
Folios 19-24a

Turkish short sayings concerning some objects, mainly fruits and condiments, composed in 1206 AH (1791 CE).

Incipit: كتبه العبد الداعي الدولة العلية العثمانية راتب ابوبكر افندى يكيجريان دركاه عالى حالا ومحاسبهء اول موقتا ايلجىء اورته فى سنة هجرية ١٢٠٦
Language(s): Turkish
Folios 24b-26a

Two Ghazals from the Divan-ı Fiṭnat

Title: ديوان فطنت
Incipit: ويرر رونق
Language(s): Turkish
Folios 27b-28

Anonymous verses of a woman to her lover.

Language(s): Arabic
Folios 29-58a

Anonymous poetical extracts from the Shāhnāmah.

Title: شاهنامه
Incipit: جهاندار ضحاك
Language(s): Persian
Folios 58b-61a

Anonymous poetical extracts from the Mas̲navī of Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī.

Title: Mas̲navī
Title: مثنوى
Language(s): Persian
Folios 61b-64a

Two poems, said to be by Aḥmad Hātif Iṣfahānī.

Incipit: اى فداي
Language(s): Persian
Folios 64b-65a

A Ghazal by Abū Ṭālib Khān, in honour of Miss Rickets.

Language(s): Persian
Folios 65b-70

Further extracts from the Nigāristān of Kamal Pasha Zadah (from bābs 2 and 3).

Title: نگارستان
Language(s): Persian
Folios 70b

A couplet from the Humāyūn Nāmah

Language(s): Persian
Folios 71

A Ghazal, in Turkish, possibly by Rifʿat Efendi

Title: غزل سلطان سليم تخميس رفعت
Language(s): Turkish
Folios 72

An anonymous poem of praise of the baths of Brūssa, by Najāti.

Language(s): Turkish
Folios 72b-74b

A supplement to the Turkish witty sayings mentioned in part 5

Language(s): Turkish
Folios 74b-75a

An anonymous love poem.

Language(s): Persian

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper
Extent: 75 folios
Dimensions (leaf): 210 × 170 mm.


1 column, 14 written lines



Origin: early 19th century CE

Provenance and Acquisition

Formerly part of the collection of the Persian scholar Nathaniel Bland (1803-1865). Bland’s oriental manuscripts were sold through Bernard Quaritch in 1866 to Alexander Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford.

Purchased by Enriqueta Rylands in 1901 from James Ludovic Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford, for the John Rylands Library.

Record Sources

Catalogue information compiled by Abdullah al-Rashidi from Alphonse Mingana, Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library, Manchester University Press, 1934.


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