Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

MS Arabic 66 (Wellcome Collection, Wellcome Trust)

Manuscripts in Arabic


1 copy of Kitāb al-Qānūn fī al-ṭibb by Avicenna

The first book of Avicenna's Canon. Ullmann Medizin p. 152.

Incipit: (basmala) Fol. 1b.1 بسم اللّه الرحمن الرحيم رب
Incipit: (tahmid) Fol. 1b.2 الحمد لله ربّ العلمين وصلوة علي انبيائه ورسله اجمعين خصوصا علي محمّد و^اله الطّيبين الطاهرين
Incipit: Fol. 1b.4 بسم اللّه الرحمن الرحيم رب وبعد فقد التمس مني بعض خلص اخواني ومن يلزمني اسعافه فيما يسمح به وسعي ان اصنف في الطبّ كتابا مشتملًا علي قوانينه
Explicit: Fol. 194b.17 وليكن هذ القدر من كلامنا المحتصر فى فى الاصول الكلية لصناعة الطب كافيا ولناخد في الادوية المفردة انشاء الله تعالى
Colophon: تم الكتاب بعون الله تعالى
Language(s): Arabic

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Burnished
Extent: 01+194 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 290 × 175 mm.
Dimensions (written): 225 × 105 mm.
Foliation: in Arabic (fols. 190 and 191 are numbered as 90 and 91). Catchwords are written underneath the text-block.


Collation cannot be identified due to the poor condition of MS.


Poor - MS is disintegrating.



Script: taʿlīq

Ink: black; headings and dividers are highlighted in red.

420 1:2 75 50


ʿUnwān on fol. 1b


Fols. 1b and 2a gilded.

  • Fol. 1a: Shelf-mark title كليات قانون
  • Fol. 1a: scribbles in Persian, some of them illegible.
  • Fol. 1a: Calculations, related to the death of a certain `Azīz al-Dīn (تاريخ وفات عزيز الدين).
  • Fol. 1a: هذ الكتاب [damaged]... بتاريخ ٥٧١٦ [not clear, ] سنه ١٢٧٣
    b. كليات بو على سينا
    c. تمڀ الكتاب بعون تعالى قد ڻمڀ الكتاب فى علم الطڀ (written several times).
  • Fol. 1b.: تمت كتاب بعون الله تعالى (written upside down).
  • Fols. 38a - 39b, 46ab, 48a, 78a, 82ab, 86a, 101b, 103a, 110a, 113a, 114a, 123a, 157a, 174a,b: contain chapter headings on the margins, which had to be inserted in red into the main text.
  • Fols. 42a, 43a - 45b, 48b - 194b do not have chapter headings.
  • Fols. 2b, 3a, 4a, 6a, 15a, 31b, 40a,b: margins contain words which could not be inserted into the frame.
  • Fols. 15a, 16a - 17a, 19a, 55a, 82a, 126b, 151a, 175b, 183a contain additions, corrections and notes in the margins. Triple frame.
  • Orthography: the hamza is occasionally missing. Diacritical dots for fā' , qāf, yā' and ṭā' marbūṭah are occasionally omitted.


Cardboard 294 × 179 mm. cloth

Accompanying Material

Attached are R. Walzer's handwritten and typed notes containing a description of this MS.


Origin: 19th century CE


    Iskandar Catalogue p. 160 (Shelf-mark: WMS Or. 66a).