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Delhi Persian 1153 (Oriental Manuscripts, British Library)

India Office Library

Miscellaneous Sufi, legal, and literary works; 4 works (a-d)


Summary of Contents: Collection of four miscellaneous prose Ṣūfī, legal, and literary works. Volume not dated; all items dated individually, ranging 29 Ramaz̤ān 1207-3 Ramaz̤ān 1244/10 May 1793-9 March 1829. Summary of contents on front flyleaf. Loose paper wrapper (text on EIC government of India legislation referring to date 1847), watermarked (frontal rampant lion with sceptre in crowned oval; undated); torn and stained. Lacks binding. Stamped foliation. Folios detached and unbound; stained, frayed edges. Condition fragile.
1. ff. 1v-18r

Item a.

Ṣūfī treatise comprised of twenty-eight majālis or discourses ascribed to Khvājah ʿUs̲mān Hārūnī (d. 607/1211) and collected by the Chishtī saint, Muʿīn al-Dīn Ḥasan Sijzī (d. 633/1236) in the mosque of Khvājah Junayd Baghdādī.

Dated colophon (f. 18r): completed by Riyāz̤ al-Dīn on Wednesday, Jumādá I 1241/14 December 1825-4 January 1826

Neat Indian taʿlīq, with Arabic quotations in naskh.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic
2. ff. 21v-75r

Item b.

Romantic tale of Muʿaẓẓam Shāh, son of Sulṭān Nuṣrat al-Dīn, the deceased King of China, in refined poetry and prose, based on the original Sanskrit through a Bhākhā (Hindi) translation, and described as ‘an Indian tale in Persian cloths’ by its author, Muḥammad Falāḥ ibn Ṣāliḥ Ḥusayn, who composed it in 1197/1783 according to a chronogram.

Dated colophon (f. 75r): completed 29 Ramaz̤ān 12[0]7/10 May 1793.

Note in red ink at beginning (f. 21r) identifying the scribe as Rām Nāth, written for Bābū Nārbī (?) Prashād-jīv.

Loose shikastah hand.

Language(s): Persian
3. ff. 76r-84r

Item c.

Arabic treatise on furūʿ or the ancillary branches of Ḥanafī fiqh or jurisprudence traditionally ascribed to Luṭf Allāh Nasafī, known as al-Fāz̤il al-Kaydānī (d. 750/1349), here with Persian and Urdu interlinear translations (the latter in red ink), and annotations in the margin.

Dated colophon (f. 84r): completed by Sayyid Murād ʿAlī, Saturday, 1 Rabīʿ II 1244/11 October 1828.

Dense notes in Urdu follow this work (f. 84v).

Language(s): Arabic, Persian and Urdu
4. ff. 86r-115r
Language(s): Persian, Arabic and Urdu

Item d.

Arabic treatise on the division of inheritance by Sirāj al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Sajāvandī (fl. late 13th cent.), here with Persian and Urdu interlinear translation (the latter in red ink) until folio 98r, with separate Persian annotations at end.

Dated colophon (f. 115r): completed by Sayyid Murād ʿAlī ibn Sayyid ʿĀshiqī, 3 Ramaz̤ān 1244/9 March 1829.

Additional Persian notes working out examples of inheritance (ff. 117r-119r).

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 121 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 241 × 159 mm.
Dimensions (written):



Origin: 29 Ramaz̤ān 1207-3 Ramaz̤ān 1244 (10 May 1793 - 9 March 1829) AH ; India

Record Sources

Based on unpublished description in Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the India Office Library, vol. 3. Available on British Library Digitised Manuscripts, manuscript number: MSS Eur E207/1_f029r


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