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Haft Anjuman


1 copy of Haft anjuman by Ḥimāyatyār

Compilation of official letters and petitions on matters of state, and the private correspondence of the Timurid or Mughal military general Rustam Khān Dakkinī and the Marvari Rajput ruler, Mīrzā Rājah Jay Singh, written by Adhirāj, named Muḥammad Ḥayāt after converting to Islam, also known as Ṭāliʿyār (d. 3 Rabīʿ al-s̲ānī 1086)

Whichever of the author's papers could be found were later compiled by Ḥimāyatyār in 1110/1699

The work begins with a preface sketching Muḥammad Ḥayāt's life and sets out the compilation's division into 7 sections termed anjuman: 1) Rustam Khān's petitions to the Timurid or Mughal ruler, Emperor Shāh Jahān I; 2) Mīrzā Rājah Jay Singh's petitions to Emperor ʿĀlamgīr I while on route to Thatha; 3) Mīrzā Rājah Jay Singh's petitions to Emperor ʿĀlamgīr I from the Deccan; 4) Rustam Khān and Mīrzā Rājah Jay Singh's petitions to the princes (zādahā[sic]); 5) Rustam Khān and Mīrzā Rājah Jay Singh's letters to courtiers and governors; 6) accounts and notes relating to Rustam Khān and Mīrzā Rājah Jay Singh; 7) the compiler's observations on the world and the hereafter written to others.

Script: rough nastaʿlīq, ink occasionally watery

Scribe: Sayyid Valī Allāh

Colophon (p. 490): completed 15 February 1911 or 1318 faṣlī

Copied from a manuscript owned by Mawlavī Maqbūl ʿĀlam, the vakīl-i jajī or barrister, resident of qaṣbah Baḥrī Ābād in Ghāzīpūr

Dimensions: 2 sections of different sizes: 1) pp.1-358 (281 mm x 185mm), 2) pp. 359-490 (257 mm x 160 mm)

Notes by William Irvine at beginning

Language(s): Persian

Copied from an original =-=-=-=-

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 490 pp (not foliated)
Dimensions (leaf): 281 × 185 mm.


Script: rough nastaʿlīq, ink occasionally watery. Scribe: Sayyid Valī Allāh



Origin: 23 May 1911 CE Benares ; India

Provenance and Acquisition

William Irvine


William Irvine


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