Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

MS. Arch. Seld. A. 16 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

Oriental Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: A manuscript containing four items by the same author, Celālzāde Ṣāliḥ Çelebī Efendi, of which three (the first, third, and fourth) may have been extracted from the same, larger work detailing the lives and reigns of the Ottoman Sulṭāns up to Süleymān I (a.k.a. Ḳānūnī Sulṭān Süleymān), probably called el-Süleymāniyye السلیمانیة, as suggested on folio 123b. If this is the case, the parts are likely out of order, since item four in this manuscript on Sulṭān Selīm I (a.k.a. Yavuz Sulṭān Selīm, the immediate predecessor of Süleymān I) is given as the ninth chapter of el-Süleymāniyye السلیمانیة, which following the traditonal line of succession would suggest that item three of this manuscript on Sulṭān Muḥammed II (a.k.a Fātiḥ Sulṭān Meḥmed) was originally chapter seven of that work, of which item one on Süleymān I himself would have been the tenth and last. Further complicating matters is a note on the fly leaf which suggests that the fourth item on Selīm I is either known as or derived from a work known as the Selīmnāme سلیم نامه, itself either equivalent to or derived from a work with the common title Tevārīḫ-i Āl-i ʻOs̱mān تواریخ آل عثمان. Whatever the relationship of items one, three, and four to one another might be, the second item in this manuscript is a poem titled Durar-ı neṣā'iḥ درر نصائح by the same author, which seems unrelated to the other historical works.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: ff. 128
Dimensions (leaf): 26.4 × 15.2 cm.


Single columns of 25 lines per page.


Script: Nastaʻlīq.




Origin: No earlier than the ascension to the throne of Sulṭān Süleymān I, i.e. 926 AH; 1520 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

The collections of John Selden.

Presented to the Bodleian Library by Selden's estate in 1659.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Beeston, A. F. L. (Alfred Felix Landon); Ethé, Hermann, 1844-1917.; Sachau, Eduard, 1845-1930; Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindûstânî, and Pushtû manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford; at the Clarendon Press 1889-1953


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