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MS. Caps. Or. A. 7 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

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Summary of Contents: Two separate parts of Ḫvāce Mollā Saʻdeddīn Muḥammed Efendi bin Ḥasancān's history of the Ottoman dynasty from its origin to the reign of Sulṭān Selīm I, compiled during the reign of Selīm II and dedicated to Murād III. The first (ff. 1b-369b) ends with the account of Meḥmed/Muḥammed II and leaves out the section on the lives of famous scholars. It is given the lengthy descriptive title ابتداءِ ظهور ال عثوان ابقاهم الله الی اخرا الدوران لسنه سته وثمانین وسته مائه وابتداءِ فتح قلعه فوالجه وحصار اینه کول لسنه سبع وثمانین وسته مائه حرر فی اواخر سنه اثنین وتسعین والف اکان ابقاهم الله تعالی الی اخرا الزمان اربعه ماٸه وسته سنه الی هنا ایدهم الله تعالی وسصرهم الی الانقراضِ الازمان on f. 1a. The second (ff. ff. 370b-521b) begins with the reign of Bāyezīd II but stops with the ascension to the throne of Selīm II, yet does include scholarly biographies. It is titled simply قتعة من تاریخ خواجه on f. 370a.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: ff. 521
Dimensions (leaf): 27.6 × 17.5 cm.


Single column of 21 lines per page throughout.


Script: Naskh. Scribes: Most of the first part (ff. 1b-295b and 305a-369b) seem to be in the same hand, which (judging by a note in the first half) is that of Şāhī bin Muḥammed Tüsterī شاهی بن محمد تستری . A second, anonymous hand is responsible for the remainder of the first part (ff. 296a-303b), written on lighter-coloured paper, suggesting perhaps a post-factum replacement for missing pages. A third, again anonymous hand is responsible for three separate sections of the second part (ff. 371a-378b, ff. 380a-498b, and ff. 507a-521b), whereas a fourth and final anonymous hand is evident in the remaining sections of the second part (ff. 370b, 379a-b, and 499a-506b). Remarkably, despite considerable differences in line height between some of these hands, a consistent number of lines per page has been maintained throughout by varying the height and width of the column.


Illuminated frontispieces for each part on f. 1b and f. 370b.


Red binding with gold-painted stamped decoration.


Origin: The first part is dated to early Receb 1010 AH; late December 1601 CE. Given that a statement of ownership in the second part (370a) dates to 1138 AH; 1725/6 CE, it is highly likely that that part was completed before then.

Provenance and Acquisition

According to a note on f. 1a, either the whole work or the first part (ff. 1b-295b) entered the collection of one حسن بن حسین on 25 Muḥarrem 1109/13 August 1697.

According to a note on f. 1a, either the whole work or the first part (ff. 1b-295b) entered the collection of vālide ketḫüdāsı محمد صادق in (11)25/(17)13.

According to a note on f. 370b, the second part of the work (ff. ff. 370b-521b) entered the collection of one الحاج محمد راقم in 1139/1726.

The collections of George Sale, d. 1736.

The collections of George Sale, d. 1736.

Acquired by the Bodleian Library in 1826.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Beeston, A. F. L. (Alfred Felix Landon); Ethé, Hermann, 1844-1917.; Sachau, Eduard, 1845-1930; Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindûstânî, and Pushtû manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford; at the Clarendon Press 1889-1953


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