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MS. Bodl. Or. 592 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

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Summary of Contents: One possibly complete copy of a فواٸد الکبر Fawā'idu l-kibar, the fourth of the Chaghatay dīwāns of مير على شير نوائى Mīr ‘Alī Šēr Nawā'ī's four-part series, خزاٸن المعانی Ḫazā'inu l-ma‘ānī. Though Ethé (1930: col. 1196) claims that the ghazals which comprise the larger part of the manuscript are in alphabetical order, this does not actually seem to be the case. Since the poems do not follow any canonical order it is difficult to ascertain whether this manuscript represents the whole or only part of this work. In any case, it lacks the mixed poetical/prose dēbāča which accompanies some versions of the text.
Title: Fawā'idu l-kibar
Title: Favā'id al-kibar
Title: فواٸد الکبر
Language(s): Chaghatay

Flyleaf 1b displays two short, seemingly random excerpts from the same work in the hand of the scribe. Their purpose is unknown.


Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 162 folios
Dimensions (leaf): 21 × 15.9 cm.


Two columns of twelve lines each per page.


Script: Nasta‘līq in black ink with red ink for headings. Scribe: Mīr al-Ṭālib bin Mīr Mūsā al-Ḥusaynī میر الطالب بن میر موسی الحسینی.


Gilded edges.


Origin: Māzandarān, Iran ; 23 Šawwāl 1235 AH; 3 August 1820 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

As of 1826 a part of the library of John Dickson.

Purchased from Baynes and Son of London in 1842.

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