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MS. S. Digby Or. 210 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

Oriental Manuscripts

Simon Digby Collection


Summary of Contents: One illuminated collection of poems by ابو الغازی سلطان حسین میرزا بایقرا Abū l-Ġāzī Sulṭān Ḥusayn Mīrzā Bayqara, a.k.a. حسینی Ḥusaynī, Timurid ruler of Herat and its environs from 1469-1506 CE.

Language(s): Chaghatay

Incipit: (folio 1b, line 1) ای حبیبینک‌دین کٮلیب حمدینکدا لااُحسیٖ ثنا [...]
Explicit: اول سروردان که بولدی بعیداش منکا [...] (folio 31a, line 12)

The illuminated footer on folio 1b includes the number 14, suggesting this manuscript was part of a multi-volume set. The rationale behind ordering of the bayts and ghazals in this volume requires further research. Many of the ghazals as they appear here seem to combine bayts traditionally considered to belong to different ghazals. Additionally, some of the folios are loose, and the catchwords suggest lacunae between folios 19 and 20, 27 and 28, 28 and 29, 29 and 30, and 31 and 32.

Language(s): Chaghatay


Ҳусайн Бойқаро. (ed. Суйима Ғани қизи) Жамолингдин кўзум равшан: Ғазаллар. Тошкент: Ғафур Ғулом номидаги нашриёт-матбаа бирлашмаси. 1991.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Thick multicoloured leaves with rich border designs in gold.
Extent: i + 32 folios + i
Dimensions (leaf): 26.2 × 17.7 × 1.9 cm.
Foliation: This manuscript has not yet been foliated.


Several signatures are loose or have fallen out entirely. There is evidence of missing folios between folios 19 and 20, 27 and 28, 28 and 29, 29 and 30, and 31 and 32.


Significant water damage on the lower fifth of most folios.


Single column of 12 lines per page on most pages, organised with a gap between the the poetic lines of each bayt.


Script: Fine nasta‘līq in black ink. Scribe unknown.


Illuminated headpiece and footer on folio 1b.

Section headings are illuminated in blue, red, white, and gold throughout.

Textboxes bounded with borders of blue, gold, and red.

Extensive gold border decorations on most pages except for folio 11a-b and folio 15a.

Blank space, presumably left for miniatures, on folio 8a and folio 15a.


Some notes in Persian on folio 1a and folio 32b.


Origin: Exact place and date of production unknown, but possibly Herat; 15th century. CE

Provenance and Acquisition

From the collection Simon Digby.

Donated by the Simon Digby Memorial Trust in April 2016.


Entry to read in the Library is permitted only on presentation of a valid reader's card (for admissions procedures contact Bodleian Admissions). Contact specialcollections.enquiries@bodleian.ox.ac.uk for further information on the availability of this manuscript

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