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RAS Ellis Persian 28 (Library, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland)

Persian Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: 1 copy of al-Kāmil al-bahā’ī fī al-Saqīfah by ʻImād al-Dīn Ṭabarī, al-Ḥasan ibn ʻAlī

F1b: Impression of small oval seal of Hidayatallah, dated A.H. 1280. F1a and the preceding folio, the verso of the last folio of text and the subsequent folio bear notes in various scripts, most of which appear to have been carefully copied from the original. Only a few are noted here. F1a: a) Chronogram of the death of Karim Khan Zand, 1193. b) Four ruba'is, two said to in the hand of Mir 'Imad. Last folio of text, verso: a poem attributed to 'Ali with date 1284. It is possible that the date in the colophon and the name of the scribe come from the MS copied rather than this one. Final blank folio, verso: a ruba'i by Sam Mirza. A work of Shi'i polemic, refuting many of the tenets of the Sunnis. The title presumably alludes to the son of the famous minister Shams al-Din Juwaini son, Baha' al-Din Muhammad, governor of Isfahan, who is eulogised in the introduction as the author's patron and at whose invitation the author taught there for some time in A.H. 672. Ruled margins. Headings in red. The scribe is Baqir al-Husaini al-Taliqani Ardakani. (Unless he was the scribe of the MS copied.)

Incipit: Subhan-i yaki padishahi kih bisat-i 'azamat-i u
Language(s): Persian.


None found. The work appears to be uncommon.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: Folios
Dimensions (leaf): 12.75


21 lines to the page


Naskh. F1a: A note apparently by the original scribe stating that in A.H. 1283 he copied it for the sum of 12 tomans. The original MS was borrowed from the Diwan library (the Qajar Royal Library?) and returned after copying. The original was very correct and good. On collation it was revealed that it was faulty. (sic) Comments on the impossibility of finding good copyist or people capable of collation and correcting manuscripts. Baqir al-Husaini al-Taliqani Ardakani


Brown leather binding, profusely tooled.


Origin: 26 Shawwal A.H. 1283. (Unless copied from the MS copied)


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