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Persian MS 992 (The John Rylands Research Institute and Library, The University of Manchester)

Persian Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: A copy of the Shīrāznāmah (Book of Shiraz) a history of the city of Shiraz composed by late medieval-era author and native Aḥmad ibn Abī al-Khayr Zarkūb Shīrāzī (ca. 1282–1387). It records biographies of the rulers of Fārs province and the famous spiritual leaders of the city up tuntil the year 744 AH (1343–44 CE).

Physical Description

Form: codex



Written in black nastaʻlīq.


Origin: Possibly completed in Greater Iran; 1216 AH (1713–14 AH)

Provenance and Acquisition

Subsequently acquired by University of Manchester Professor J. A. Boyle (1916–1978)

Bequest of J. A. Boyle to the , Feb. 1990

Record Sources

Bibliographical description derived from an unpublished handlist of additional Persian manuscripts.

Manuscript description by Jake Benson in 2023 with reference to the volume in hand.


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Funding of Cataloguing

Soudavar Memorial Foundation and The John Rylands Research Institute

The John Rylands Research Institute and Library

The Soudavar Memorial Foundation


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