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RAS Persian 180. (Library, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland)

Persian Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: 1 copy of Tarjumah-ʼi Maḥāsin-i Iṣfahān yā Tārīkh-i Iṣfahān by Māfarrūkhī, al-Mufaḍḍal ibn Saʻd, d. ca. 1082

There are dislocations in the text and parts of it are written twice and even three times in error. Pencilled notes on the MS pointing out these flaws are in the hand of E.G. Browne, who notes them in the article cited below. Occasional marginal notes, some in Turkish. Folio 83a (main text ends on 82b): A saying of 'Ali quoted, signed 'Abd al-Baqi al-Husaini al-Isfahani. Front flyleaf, recto: a) Impression of small oval seal: 'Abduhu al-raji Abu 'l-Rida (?) al-Husaini. b) Presented by Sir John Malcolm May 19. 1827. Folio one, recto: a) Impression of small oval seal: Bandah-i Khuda Muhammad, and obscure date. b) Impression of small oval seal: Bandah-i Al-i Muhammad Mahmud. Inside front cover, note in Turkish suggesting consultation with 'Abdallah Effendi. (?) A descriptive and historical account of Isfahan. Illuminated initial opening. Headings and margins in red.

Incipit: Khuday-rast buzurgi u 'izzat u jabarut
Language(s): Persian.


Storey, i, p. 349. This is the oldest manuscript listed by Storey.
E.G. Browne, 'Account of a rare manuscript History of Isfahan etc., J.R.A.S., 1901, pp. 411-446, 661-704.
(None in Rieu or Ethe).
Malcolm's gift is noted the Donations Register for 19 May 1827 and in the Society's Transactions for 1830, pp. xcix-c.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: Folios 83
Dimensions (leaf): 10


17 lines on a page


Nasta'liq. Ahmad Ardistani


Fine brown leather binding with, blind-tooled margins and large blind-stamped mandorla and matching flap. Probably Turkish.


Origin: Isfahan, in the mosque of Amir Ibrahim Shah. 5 Rajab A.H. 884 (22 September 1479).

Provenance and Acquisition

Presented by Sir John Malcolm.


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