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1 copy of Shāhnāmah by 2 authors

Shāhnāmah without preface. Copied in 891/1486 by Ghiyās al-Dīn Bāyazīd Ṣarrāf and illustrated with 72 miniatures in the Turkman/Timurid style.

Language(s): Persian

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 500 f.
Dimensions (leaf): 349 × 241 mm.





Gold-ruled margins

72 miniatures

2 illumination

Rich ʻunwān

f. 18r Kai Kā'us and his flying machine.

f. 30r Rustam killing Suhrāb.

f. 37v Fire ordeal of Siyāvush watched by Kai Kā'us and Sūdābeh. Ḳuranic text over the balcony.

f. 55v The severed head of Īraj brough to Farīdūn.

f. 60r Minūchihr defeating Kākvī in battle.

f. 66v Zāl and Rūdābeh.

f. 74r Zāl demonstrating before Minūchihr his prowess in battle.

f. 79v Kubād defeating Bārmān.

f. 82r Zāl defeating Khazarvān.

f. 85r Rustam catching Rakhsh .

f. 90v Rakhsh attacking the lion while Rustam sleeps.

f. 91v Rakhsh helping Rustam defeat the dragon.

f. 92r Rustam killing the witch woman.

f. 93r Rustam capturing Ūlād.

f. 93v Rustam fighting Arzhang.

f. 94v Rustam killing the White Dīv.

f. 98v Siyāvush defeating Dāmur and Garvī before Garsīvaz.

f. 103v Siyāvush having his throat cut by Garvī while Garsīvaz catches the blood in a bowl.

f. 108v Zavāreh killing Surkheh to avenge the death of Siyāvush.

f. 109v Rustam defeating Pīlsam.

f. 119v Kai Khusrau enthroned.

f. 126v Farūd killing Rīvnīz on Mt. Sipad watched by Ṭūs.

f. 128v Battle between the armies of Ṭūs and Farūd.

f. 130r Bīzhan killing Balāshān in battle.

f. 136r Tazhāv cutting Bahrām's arm off.

f. 150v Rustam shooting Ashkabūs and his horse.

f. 158r Rustam fighting Shangal.

f. 160r Rustam dragging the Khāḳān of Chīn off his elephant in battle.

f. 164r Gustaham leading the Iranian army against the city of Bīdād. (Inscription 'Al-Sulṭan' over the gates).

f. 167r Rustam wrestling with Pūlādvand.

f. 169v The sleeping Rustam hurled into the sea by Akvān.

f. 172v Bīzhan killing the wild boars watched by Gurgīn.

f. 174r Bīzhan visiting Manīzheh.

f. 183r Rustam rescuing Bīzhan from the pit.

f. 201v Battle between Gīv and Luhhāk.

f. 205v Battle between Hajīr and Sipahram.

f. 219r Kai Khusrau killing Shīda (Pashang).

f. 226r Kai Khusrau and Rustam fighting Afrāsiyāb.

f. 232v Kai Khusrau crossing the sea on his way to Gang-dizh.

f. 252r Isfandiyār killing Bīdarafsh.

f. 256v Gushtāsp killing the dragon.

f. 267v Isfandiyār taking Gurgsār prisoner.

f. 272v Gurgsār guiding Isfandiyār and his army.

f. 281r Rustam kicking away the boulder rolled on him by Bahman, watched by Zavāreh.

f. 292v Rustam shooting Isfandiyār in the eyes with his magic forked arrow.

f. 298r Rustam on Rakhsh impaled in the pit of spears shooting Shaghād through the tree.

f. 309v Iskandar comforting the dying Dārā.

f. 317v Iskandar killung Fūr in battle.

f. 323r Iskandar visiting the Brahmans.

f. 329r Mourners kneeling by Iskandar's coffin.

f. 336r Ardashīr feeding the worm with molten metal on the roof of the Brazen Fort.

f. 342v Shāpūr fighting the army of Turan.

f. 353r Bahrām Gūr demonstrating his hunting prowess before Āzādeh who is playing a chang.

f. 358r Bahrām Gūr entertained by Lambak the water carrier.

f. 368v Bahrām Gūr entertained by peasants after he had killed the dragon.

f. 374v Bahrām Gūr showing off his prowess at wrestling before Shangal.

f. 385v Shāpūr watching fetters put on Sūfrā'ī.

f. 388v Anūshīrvān enthroned.

f. 394v Anūshīrvān setting out with his army for Rūm.

f. 398v Nūshzād killed by Rām Barzīn in battle.

f. 403v Batlle between the armies of Ṭalḥand and Gav.

f. 410v Anūshīrvān recognising the dead Mahbūd's horses as they are led by.

f. 418v The battle between the armies of Ghātḳar and the Khāḳān of Chīn.

f. 424r Anūshīrvān and Buzurjmihr.

f. 431v The scribes and priests later poisoned by Hurmuzd in conversation with him.

f. 438v Bahrām Chūbin about to capture Sāveh.

f. 451r Khusrau Parvīz visiting the hermit on his way to Rūm.

f. 458v Battle between Khusrau Parvīz and Bahrām Chūbin.

f. 465v Bahrām Chūbin killing the lion-ape.

f. 468v Ḳulūn being set upon by Bahrām Chūbin's retainers after he had killed their masters.

f. 476r Khusrau Parvīz arriving at Shīrīn's castle.

f. 488r Shīrūy stabbing Khusrau Parvīz to death.


Origin: Jumāda II 891 (1486) AH

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on Rieu 1876-83 p. 535 and Titley 1977, pp. 45-6


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