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Delhi Persian 756 (Oriental Manuscripts, British Library)

India Office Library

Miscellaneous works on Sufism and Prophet Muhammad, 3 items (a-c)


Summary of Contents: Presentation copy comprising works on Sufism and the centrality of the Prophet Muḥammad in Islamic doctrine by Mawlānā Shāh Muḥammad Sālim al-Dihlavī al-Bukhārī, sent as a gift around 12 Jumādá al-S̲ānī 1265/5 May 1849 to his local contemporary, the scholar and muḥaddis̲, Shāh Muḥammad Karīm Allāh Dihlavī. Volume not dated; items b-c dated separately (2 Muḥarram-13 Muḥarram 1265/28 November-9 December 1848). Scribal nastaʿlīq. Annotations in margins. Stamped and Persian foliation. Later binding damaged (brown leather over pasteboards covered with starched cotton textile decorated with woven multi-coloured striped designs), labelled. Folios mostly unbound; cropped, light stains, wormholes, later repairs. Condition poor.

Language(s): Persian, Arabic

1. ff. 1Br-1Cr (flyleaves)
Language(s): Persian

Delhi Persian 756(a), ff 1Br-1Cr (flyleaves).

Untitled summary of the contents of the item proceeding (Delhi Persian 756(b)), Nūr al-īmān.

This is not by the same scribe as in the copy of that work, and is likely to be in the hand of its later owner, Muḥammad Karīm Allāh.

Not dated at end.

2. ff. 1v-46v

Delhi Persian 756(b), ff. 1v-46v.

Treatise on mysticism and esoteric knowledge by Mawlānā Shāh Muḥammad Sālim(see Delhi Persian 756(c) for a lengthier genealogy) ibn Muḥammad Salām Allāh ibn Fakhr al-Dīn al-Dihlavī al-Bukhārī.

Dated colophon (f. 46v): completed Thursday, 2 Muḥarram RY 12 of Emperor Bahādur Shāh [II], 1265/28 November 1848.

Numerous folios have been removed and replaced by densely written leaves in a hand similar to that of Muḥammad Karīm Allāh.

Note at the beginning (f. 1r) by Muḥammad Karīm Allāhstating it was a hadiyah or gift from Mawlavī Sālim. Another earlier inspection note states the manuscript was dispatched at the request of Mawlānā Ṣāḥib Muḥammad Sālim by (the scribe?) Muḥammad Ḥasan, 12 Jumādá al-S̲ānī 1265/5 May 1849.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic
3. ff. 49v-97v

Delhi Persian 756(c), ff. 49v-97v.

Mystical treatise on the basis of the believer’s faith on the intense love of the Prophet Muḥammad and his family, as well as later descendants and associates, written from the perspective of the Sunnī Ḥanafī and Qādirī affiliations of the author (associated with the chief family in custody of the Jāmiʿ Masjid, Shahjahanabad, Delhi), by Mawlānā Shāh Muḥammad Sālim al-Dihlavī al-Bukhārī ibn Muḥammad Salām Allāh ibn Shaykh al-Islām ibn Ḥāfiẓ Fakhr al-Dīn ibn Muḥibb Allāh ibn Nūr Allāh ibn Nūr Allāh ibn Nūr al-Ḥaqq ibn ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq ibn Sayf al-Dīn ibn Saʿd al-Dīn ibn Shaykh Fayrūz Shahīd ibn Malik Mūsá ibn Muʿizz al-Dīn ibn Āqā Muḥammad al-Turk al-Bukhārī.

The work comprises a brief preface, a muqaddimah or introduction, five sections termed faṣl, and terminates with a khātimah.

Dated colophon (f. 97r): completed 13 Muḥarram 1265/9 December 1848.

Numerous folios have been removed and replaced by densely written leaves in a hand similar to that of Muḥammad Karīm Allāh.

Note at the beginning (f. 49r) by Muḥammad Karīm Allāh stating it was a hadiyah or gift from Mawlavī Sālim.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 97 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 205 × 149 mm.



Origin: 2_Muharram-12_Jum-II_1265 (28 November 1848 - 5 May 1849) AH ; India

Provenance and Acquisition

Purchased by the Government of India at sale organised by Delhi Prize Agents, 1859; administrative deposit India Office Library, 1876


Government of India


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