Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

Delhi Persian 1578* (Oriental Manuscripts, British Library)

India Office Library

Miscellaneous works on literature, 9 items (a-i)


Summary of Contents: Miscellaneous collection of fragments comprising Persian and Urdu literary works, including incidental annotations with Islamic prayers and formulae. Volume not dated. Rough nastaʿlīq by multiple hands. Annotations in margins. Not foliated. Lacking original binding. Binding damaged (combed marble paper with brown leather edging over pasteboards, detached), labels. Folios mostly bound, gathering intact (lacunae after item Delhi Persian 1578* g); cropped, wormholes, stains, smudging, later repairs. Condition poor.

Language(s): Persian, Arabic, Urdu

1. ff. 1r-72v
Language(s): Persian

Delhi Persian 1578* a.

Fragment from an untitled treatise on literary criticism, possibly a late-seventeenth-century taz̲kirah of poets, by an unidentified compiler.

Not dated at end.

Bold rough nastaʿlīq.

2. ff. 73r-79v

Delhi Persian 1578* b.

Fragment from an untitled collection of mystical and political letters, by an unnamed author.

Not dated at end.

Rough nastaʿlīq.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic
3. ff. 80r-97v

Delhi Persian 1578* c.

Fragment from an untitled collection of political letters, by an unnamed author.

Not dated at end.

Rough nastaʿlīq.

Annotations and corrections in margins.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic
4. f. 98v

Delhi Persian 1578* d.

Untitled Arabic prayer or khuṭbah for the nikāḥ or Islamic marriage ceremony.

Not dated at end.

Language(s): Arabic
5. f. 99r

Delhi Persian 1578* e.

Untitled sample text for the Islamic marriage contract or kābīn'nāmah.

Not dated at end.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic
6. f. 99v

Delhi Persian 1578* f.

Instructions for the preparations for anti-diarrhoeal medicine by an unnamed author.

Not dated at end.

Brief note on ḥadīs̲ follows on the next folio.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic
7. f. 101v

Delhi Persian 1578* g.

Untitled note advising on how to avert the evil eye by an unnamed author.

Not dated at end.

This is followed by a large lacuna where a number of folios have been torn or cut out, leaving only stubs.

Language(s): Persian and Arabic
8. ff. 104r-118v

Delhi Persian 1578* h.

Untitled fragment from a slightly garbled version of the Urdu translation by Nihāl Chand Lāhawrī based on the Persian tale Maz̲hab-i ʿishq by ʿIzzat Allāh Bangālī.

Defective at end.

Not dated at end.

Rough nastaʿlīq.

Language(s): Urdu
9. ff. 119r-139r

Delhi Persian 1578* i.

Fragment from an untitled Persian vocabulary with rather imprecise interlinear Urdu translations.

Not dated at end.

Language(s): Persian and Urdu

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 139 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 201 × 151 mm.



Origin: Late 18th or early 19th century; India

Provenance and Acquisition

Purchased by the Government of India at sale organised by Delhi Prize Agents, 1859; administrative deposit India Office Library, 1876


Government of India


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