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Delhi Persian 1110 (Oriental Manuscripts, British Library)

India Office Library

Marj al-baḥrayn va jāmiʻ al-ṭarīqayn by ʻAbd al-Ḥaqq Dihlavī


Summary of Contents: A dissertation arguing that Ṣūfism can be harmonised with orthodoxy by the famous theologian ʻAbd al-Ḥaqq Dihlavī. The work is divided into a number of sections (vaṣl).
Title: مرج البحرین و جامع الطریقین
Incipit: الحمد لله الرب العالمین... اما بعد می گوید فقیر حقیر عبدالحق بن سیف الدین دهلوی قادری که این رساله ایست مسمی به مرج البحرین و جامع الطریقین جامع طریقه فقه و تصوف و شریعت و طریقت و ظاهر و باطن و صورت و معنی و قشر و لب و الخ.
Explicit: و این را ایمان اجمالی خوانند و تفصیلش این است که جدا جدا به هرچه از ضروریات دینی است ایمان آرند و بگروند و تفاصیل آن در رساله که تالی این مقاله گردد بیان کنیم انشاالله تعالی الخ.
Colophon: تمام شد نسخه مرج البحرین تصنیف شیخ عبدالحق دهلوی به تاریخ بیست و هشتم شهر ذیقعده به روز پنجشنبه به وقت نیمروز سنه 5 جلوس والا بهادرشاهی. تم.
Colophon: Completed on 28 Z̲i 'l-Qaʻdah regnal year 5 of Bahadur Shāh, on a Thursday at noon (1123 AH, 7 January 1712).
Language(s): Persian

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: ff. 59+wrapper
Dimensions (leaf): 191 × 115 mm.
Dimensions (written): 144 × 65 mm.

India Office stamped foliation. Persian foliation in ink.




Slightly worm-eaten and damp-stained. Without binding and encased in plain wrapper.


15 lines per page.


Nastaʻlīq; copied in black ink, with headings and overlinings in red.


Margins ruled in blue and red.

Illuminated polychrome heading (f. 1v).


Folio 1r contains inspection notes made in the regnal years 3, 6 and 23 of unspecified rulers. Further notes record transfers from Muḥāfiẓ Khān to Muḥammad Ḥāfiẓ on 6 Ṣafar, regnal year 23, and from Muḥammad Ḥāfiẓ to Muḥammad Aḥfaẓ Khān on 2 Rabīʻ al-avval(?), regnal year 6. These are most likely to be during the reigns of Muhammad Shah (1719-48) and his successor Ahmad Shah (1749-54) on the basis of similar inscriptions in other manuscripts.

Another note on f. 1r states this copy was purchased from Qāz̤ī Muḥammad Idrīs.

Folio 1r also includes a valuation of 3 rupees.


Two rectangular seals of different sizes, illegible, but both containing the word library (کتابخانه) (f. 1r).

Rectangular black undated seal of Kifāyat Allah Khān (f. 1r).

Black oval seal stamped twice, partially defective, of Kifāyat Allah Khān, dated 1119 or 1129 (1707/8 or 1716/17) (f. 1r).

Black circular seal reading muhr-i kūṭhah Saʻd al-Dīn Khān, dated 1134 AH, regnal year 4. (1722 CE) (f. 1r).

Black Government of India Delhi MSS oval stamp (ff. 1r, 59v).

Accompanying Material

Wrapper: East India Company Regulation dated 1819.


Origin: 28 Z̲u 'l-Qaʻdah regnal year 5 of Bahādur Shāh (1123 AH, 7 January 1712); India

Provenance and Acquisition

Belonged to an unidentified library (f. 1r).

Was part of the Mughal Library between 1741 and 1753 (inspections and transfer on f. 1r).

Was purchased at an unspecified time by an unnamed person from Qāz̤ī Muḥammad Idrīs (f. 1r).

Purchased by the Government of India at sale organised by Delhi Prize Agents, 1859; administrative deposit India Office Library, 1876.

Acquired by the Government of India in1876

Record Sources

Based on A.J. Arberry's description in Drafts for Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the India Office Library, vol. III, Mss Eur E207/3, f. 53r and R. Levy's description, Mss Eur E207/13, f. 53r. Revised by Sheida Heydarishovir


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    C.A. Storey, Persian Literature: A Bio-bibliographical Survey, in Storey Online, vol. 4 §652(1).

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