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I.O. Islamic 4578 (St. Pancras, British Library)

Oriental Manuscripts


1 copy of Kullīyāt-i Jāmī by Jāmī, 1414-1492

A fine manuscript of selected works of the celebrated Jamī (d. 898/1492), written only eight years after the poet's death

Language(s): Persian
ff. 1-29
Title: The first dīvān, preceded by the general preface to the three dīvāns
ff. 30-104
Title: The second dīvān
ff. 105-154
Title: The third dīvān
ff. 155-167a
Title: The third book of the Silsilat al-z̲ahab (سلسلة الذهب)
ff. 167b-180a
Title: The Salāmān va Absāl (سلامان و ابسال)
ff. 180b-199
Title: The Tuḥfat al-ahrār (تحفة الاحرار), preceded by the prose-preface to the Khamsah (خمسه) [ Ethe 1903-1937, no 746. ]
ff. 200-217
Title: The second book of the Silsilat al-z̲ahab (سلسلة الذهب)
ff. 218-258a
Title: The Laylá va Majnūn (لیلى و مجنون)
ff. 258b-282
Title: The Iskandarnāmah (اسکندر‌نامه)


For a more detailed description see Arberry 1939, page 369.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 282 ff
Dimensions (leaf): 12.7
Dimensions (written): 8.8 × 5.5 in.


Elegant Persian nastaʻtīq written in four columns, the outer columns being until fol. 154 written diagonally


Splendid ʻunwāns on foil. 1b, 30b, 39b, 105b, 155b, 167b, 180b, 200b, 218b, 258b foll. 1b-2a decorated with gilt flower-patterns


Margins ruled in gilt and blue, headings in gilt, blue, red, and puce

Fine medallion on fol. 1a


Worm-eaten, skilfully repaired and restored; end folios badly damaged by damp


Origin: Jumada II, 906 AH

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on A. J. Arberry: Hand-List of Islamic Manuscripts acquired by the India Office Library, 1936–8. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (New Series) (1939), 71: pp 353-396


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