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1 copy of Shāhanshāhanāmah by Fatḥ ʻAlī Khān Kāshī

One of the most modern imitations of the Shāhnamah ( شاهنامه ) in honour of the exploits of Fath ʻAlī Shāh, Shah of Iran d. 1834

Language(s): Persian


For a more detailed description see Ethe 1903-1937, no 901.
For a more detailed description see Robinson 1976 , page 244-9.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 451ff
Dimensions (leaf): 40 × 25.1 cm.
Dimensions (written):



Excellent nastaʿlīq


4 illuminations

38 miniatures

Fath 'Ali Shah's defeat of Sadiq Khan Shiqaqi. 21 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah seated on the Peacock Throne, two princess to his left, ministers on his right and before him presenting bags of money on trays. 21 × 17 cm. .

Defeat of Rustam Khan Zand by Husayn Khan outside the walls of a city. 27 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah's defeat of Ja'far Quli Khan and Muhammad Quli Khan. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah, between two armies, receives the homage of Nawwab Husayn Quli Khan, who has dismounted and kisses his foot. 21 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah, enthroned in a garden on the takht i Nadiri, with two princes in attendance, receiving presents from Mirza Riza Quli Munshi al-mamalik. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Khan Qajar at the head of his victorious troops carrying Afghan heads, and respectfully greeted by the people of Isfahan in the distance. 22 × 17 cm. .

Muhammad Hasan Shah, in battle with Bihbud Khan, an officer of Nadir Shah, cuts of his arm. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Defeat of Karim Khan Zand by Muhammad Hasan Shah at Astarabad. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Muhammad Khan killed in battle by the hand of Muhammad Hasan Shah. 21 × 17 cm. .

Kalab Qajar kills Qaytas in battle. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Mahmud Qajar about to cut the throat of Parwiz Zand: horsemen on either side. 21 × 17 cm. .

Faghan 'Ali Qajar shoots Darab Zand after the latter has killed his horse. Muhammad Hasan Shah at the head of the Qajar troops. 21 × 17 cm. .

Battle between Araz the Turkman and Shahmar Zand: the former drags the latter along, caught by his lasso. 21 × 17 cm. .

Battle between Jahangir Mazandarani and Pardad Zand. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Battle between Baraim 'Ali Khan Qajar and Parwiz Zand, and the death of the latter. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Qubad Zand about to be stabbed by Shirzad Mazanderani: battling horsemen in the background. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Hasan Khan Qajar taken prisoner and his hands bound behind him by Nawwab Husayn Quli Khan. 21 × 17 cm. .

Mahmud killed in his castle by Nawwab Husayn Quli Khan. 21 × 17 cm. .

Nawwab Husayn Quli Khan defeats the army of the nobles of Gurgan. 21 × 17 cm. .

Encounter between the troops of Nawwab Husayn Quli Khan and Muhammad Khan. 21 × 17 cm. .

Nawwab Husayn Khuli Khan capturing Mahdi Khan in his castle. 18 × 17 cm. .

Defeat of Pir Azad Khan, an officer of Ja'far Khan Zand, by Muhammad Shah (Agha Muhammad, the eunuch). 20.5 × 17 cm. .

Battle between Ja'far Quli Khan and Mir Muhammad Khan Tabasi. 21 × 17 cm. .

Defeat of Lutf 'Ali Khan Zand by (Agha) Muhammad Shah; the city of Shiraz in the background. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Capture and sack of Kerman by (Agha) Muhammad Shah and his troops. 20 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah, riding at the head of his troops, receiving the submission of the people of Zabulistan. 21 × 17 cm. .

Capture of Tiflis and defeat of the Russians by Agha Muhammad Shah. 21 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah seated on the Peacock Throne, with the lady Tuti before him. Foreground unfinished. (This is an inserted page and bears no text: the verso is gilded.) 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah and five of the princes playing polo. A different and inferior artist. (Verso gilded). 21 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah seated on the Peacock Throne attended by two ladies. (No text: recto gilt.) 22 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah seated on the Peacock Throne attended by a prince ('Abbas Mirza?) and two ghulams with his shield and mace, giving audience to two ministers. (Verso gilt.) 21.5 × 17 cm. .

Victory of Prince 'Abbas Mirza over the Russian Ashanjdar and his troops. 21 × 17 cm. .

Fath 'Ali Shah in battle killing the Russian general Ashanjdar. 23.5 × 17 cm. .

Defeat of the Russian general Bawalkunik by 'Abbas Mirza. 21 × 17 cm. .

'Abbas Mirza about to slay the Russian general Gazhadand, whom he has already wounded, and seizes by the ear: the Russian army in flight. 21.5 × 17 cm. .

'Abbas Mirza charging the Russian under Bawalkunik. 21 × 17 cm. .

'Abbas Mirza in battle cleaves the Russian general Karawich. 16 × 17 cm. .


Splendid eastern binding with flowers


Origin: Iran; 1st of Rajab, 1225 AH

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on H. Ethé: Catalogue of Persian manuscripts in the Library of the India Office. Oxford, 1903-1937.


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