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MS. Ouseley 66, 67 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

Oriental Manuscripts Ouseley Collection


A general history from beginning to A.H. 658= A.D. 1259, when it was composed by the author

Incipit: بعد از وظایف حمد و سپاس و شکر بی قیاس
Colophon: كتب المنهاج بن سراج في الخامس من شهر ربيع الاول سنه خمسين وستمايه
Language(s): Persian

The greater part of the first page is torn away

The author was born at Fīrūzkūh in Khurāsan A.H. 589, and came to India A.H. 624, where he became a high offcial of Nāṣir al-Dīn Maḥmūd bin Altamish to whom this work is inscribed

fol. 3b
Title: The prophets
fol. 40b
Title: The first four Caliphs and the Imams
fol. 49b
Title: The Banū Umayyah
fol. 55a
Title: The Abbasids

Here the title is missing

fol. 71a
Title: The kings of Persia down to Yazdagird
fol. 96a
Title: The history of Yaman
fol. 105a
Title: The Ṭāhirids
fol. 108b
Title: The Ṣaffārides
fol. 114a
Title: The Sāmānides
fol. 120b
Title: The Būyides
fol. 123b
Title: The Ghaznawides
fol. 135a
Title: The Saljuqides
fol. 149b
Title: The Sanjariyyah kings
fol. 154a
Title: The kings of Nīmrūz and Sijistān
fol. 160b
Title: The Kurdiyyah kings
fol. 167b
Title: The Khwārizmshāhs
fol. 180b
Title: The Ghūrides
fol. 218b
Title: The kings of Bāmyān and Ṭukhāristān
fol. 224a
Title: The Shansabāniyyah Sulṭāns of Ghazna
fol. 236a
Title: The Muʻizziyyah Sulṭāns of Hindūstān
fol. 250a
Title: The Shamsiyyah Sulṭāns of Hindūstān
fol. 280b
Title: An account of the eminent men who served under the Shamsiyyah dynasty

The title is missing

fol. 323a-384b
Title: On the inroads of the infidels, C'ingizkhān and his descendants


E 16
Nassua, Lees, Materials, etc. p. 30 sq.
W. Morley, pp. 21-25
C. Stewart, p. 7
J. Aumer, p. 67
Rieu i. p. 72
Elliot, Hist of India, ii. pp. 259-383 where extensive extracts are given

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 384 ff. (the first volume, ff. 1-192; the second, ff. 193-384)
Dimensions (leaf): × in.





Origin: 5th Rabīʻ I 658 AH; 19th February 1260 CE

Provenance and Acquisition

The collections of Sir William Ouseley, d. 1842.

Purchased by the Bodleian Library in 1843.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Beeston, A. F. L. (Alfred Felix Landon); Ethé, Hermann, 1844-1917.; Sachau, Eduard, 1845-1930; Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindûstânî, and Pushtû manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford; at the Clarendon Press 1889-1953


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