Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

CODRINGTON/READE NO 62. IN UNNUMBERED CASE. (Library, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland)

Persian Manuscripts


Summary of Contents: 1 copy of Tarikh i Firishtah, or Gulshan-i Ibrahimi by Firishtah, Muḥammad Qāsim Hindū Shāh Astarābādī

First free flyleaf, recto which has a fragment pasted on a complete new sheet. On the fragment, Persian notes: a) Note of presentation by Lala Udi Raj (?), dated 27 Jumada II regnal year 5. b) Tarikh i Firishtah tamam (complete). c) Probably associated with this, note of completion for 140 rupees, the amount written in siyaq and words. These are accompanied by English translations (evidently by Briggs). On the rest of the sheet. In Persian: a) Definition of the word mafarr. b) Note concerning China root in the hand of Hakim 'Ali Asghar dated 24 Safar, regnal year 30, A.H. 1160. Folio 1, recto. a) Impression of oblong elliptical seal of Sayyid Qutb al-Din Khan Bahadur. With English translation of the legend by Briggs. b) Impression of large round seal of a fidawi (devotee) of Muhammad Shah dated 1141 (digit uncertain), the bottom half with the name of the owner thoroughly defaced. This is accompanied by a note in English signed J.B. (John Briggs) saying that the writer is unable to decipher the name of the owner of the seal. c) Note recording purchase of the book for the Sarkar (?) on 12 Rajab regnal year 17 of Muhammad Shah, for 185 rupees (written in words and siyaq) including expenses and gratuity. Translation by Briggs, giving the Christian date as 11 October 1736, and translating Sarkar as the King's Library. d) Note with 1146? written in siyaq and said to be the date of Prince Ahmad Shah's move to the Qandahari Afghan, his victory, the death of Muhammad Shah and his vizier Qamar al-Din Khan, killed by a cannon-ball while at prayer? in his tent. Needs checking. f) At top: JM (John Malcolm?) No-52. Last folio, verso. a) A second impression of the seal of Qutb al-Din Khan, with Briggs's translation and hand copy. b) Note of inspection, dated regnal year 21 of Muhammad Shah, with translation. c) Note of inspection in the Library dated Rajab regnal year 21 of Muhammad Shah, with translation. Seal of [a servant of] Muhammad, Shah of Delhi, A.H.1141. Inside front cover, under the folio partly stuck to it: John Johnstone 1765 John Malcolm 1795 to John Briggs 1811. (Written by Malcolm?) Illuminated panel at beginning. Ruled margins. Rubrication.

Incipit: Pish-i wujud-i hama ayandigan * pish-i baqa-yi hama payandigan (Meaning?)
Language(s): Persian.


As for Codrington/Reade No 61.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: Folios 593
Dimensions (leaf): 13.75 × 8.5 in.


25 lines on a page




Brown leather Oriental binding with blind-stamped cartouches and painted decoration.


Origin: Noon on Monday 19 Ramadan A.H.1147. Regnal year 17 of Muhammad Shah.

Provenance and Acquisition

Presented by General John Briggs.


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