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Ms. 88 (Old Library, Trinity Hall, Cambridge)

Persian Manuscripts


1 copy of Yūsuf va Zulaykhā by Jāmī, 1414-1492

Incipit: (basmallah) F. 9b: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Incipit: First verse in f. 9b: حمد مر خالق ذو الجلال است كه بر دانش بر وجود
Language(s): Persian
f. 7b
Title: Illustration 1: Al-Burāq ascending to the sky surrunded by four angels
f. 10b
Title: Illustration 2: Kwājah Faqr, the dedicatee of the poem, with his sons
f. 12a
Title: Illustration 3: A king (?) fanned by servant and greeted by guest
f. 19b
Title: Illustration 4: Yūsuf and Zulaykhā seated in a garden
f. 22b
Title: Illustration 5: Zulaykhā's first dream of Yūsuf
f. 28b
Title: Illustration 6: Zulaykhā's first dream of Yūsuf
f. 28b
Title: Illustration 7: Zulaykhā's second dream of Yūsuf
f. 30b
Title: Illustration 8: Zulaykhā and her nurse
f. 33a
Title: Illustration 9: Taymūs sitting throne with Zulaikha kneeling
f. 34a
Title: Illustration 10: Zulaykhā and her nurse
f. 35b
Title: Illustration 11: Zulaykhā's third dream of Yūsuf
f. 37b
Title: Illustration 12: Zulaykhā and her father King Taymūs
f. 44b
Title: Illustration 13: Zulaykhā spies her father hidden in a tent
f. 47a
Title: Illustration 14: Zulaykhā travels to Egypt in a camel to marry the vizier
f. 52b
Title: Illustration 15: Jacob and Yūsuf, who has a dream of the sun and moon bowing to him
f. 52b
Title: Illustration 16: Jacob and Yūsuf, who has a dream of the sun and moon bowing to him
f. 55b
Title: Illustration 17: Yūsuf's brothers ask Jacob to allow Yūsuf to join them
f. 58b
Title: Illustration 18: Yūsuf is thrown into a cistern by his brothers
f. 60a
Title: Illustration 19: Yūsuf is rescued from the cistern by the people of a caravan in their way to Egypt
f. 61b
Title: Illustration 20: Yūsuf is presented to the chief of the caravan
f. 63a
Title: Illustration 21: Yūsuf bathes in the Nile
f. 64b
Title: Illustration 22: Yūsuf is sold to the vizier by the chief of the caravan as Zulaykhā arrives to Egypt
f. 66a
Title: Illustration 23: Courtly scene with Potophar, a woman seated next to him, a woman spinning and three men
f. 69a
Title: Illustration 24: Yūsuf is visited by the daughter of Bāzighah of ʿĀdīyān, who declares his love for him
f. 71a
Title: Illustration 25: The daughter of Bāzighah of ʿĀdīyān in her temple with her servants
f. 73a
Title: Illustration 26: The daughter of Bāzighah of ʿĀdīyān in her temple
f. 76a
Title: Illustration 27: Yūsuf shepherding a flock of sheep observed by Zulaykhā's servants
f. 78b
Title: Illustration 28: Zulaykhā sends her nurse to Joseph to declare her love for him
f. 80b
Title: Illustration 29: Yūsuf receives Zulaykhā's nurse and rejects her offer
f. 84b
Title: Illustration 30: Yūsuf is approached by beautiful women sent to him by Zulaykhā
f. 86b
Title: Illustration 31: Yūsuf rejects the women sent to him by Zulaykhā
f. 92a
Title: Illustration 32: Zulaykhā shows Yūsuf her new palace
f. 93a
Title: Illustration 33: Zulaykhā and Yūsuf in the palace
f. 95a
Title: Illustration 34: Yūsuf abandons Zulaykhā
f. 99a
Title: Illustration 35: Zulaykhā grabs Yūsuf by the hand [this folio belongs to another manuscript]
f. 102b
Title: Illustration 36: Zulaykhā falsely accuses Yūsuf of trying to seduce her and he is arrested by the vizier's guard
f. 107a
Title: Illustration 37: Yūsuf handcuffed in front of Zulaykhā
f. 112a
Title: Illustration 38: Yūsuf is sent to prison
f. 117b
Title: Illustration 39: Zulaykhā cries when she sees Yūsuf in prison
f. 123a
Title: Illustration 40: The king of Egypt dreams of seven fat and seven lean cows
f. 127a
Title: Illustration 41: Yūsuf, who has been appointed vizier, consults with the king of Egypt
f. 131b
Title: Illustration 42: Zulaykhā sitting in her hut
f. 134a
Title: Illustration 43: Zulaykhā breaks the idols and prays to the one true God
f. 137a
Title: Illustration 44: Yūsuf receives Zulaykhā
f. 139a
Title: Illustration 45: Yūsuf with Zulaykhā
f. 141b
Title: Illustration 46: Yūsuf with Zulaykhā
f. 144a
Title: Illustration 47: Zulaykhā with her servants [this folio belongs to another manuscript]
f. 146b
Title: Illustration 48: Zulaykhā mourning the death of Yūsuf


Physical Description

Form: other
Support: Oriental paper
Extent: 158 ff. Four flyleaves at the beginning and end of the manuscript respectively
Dimensions (leaf): 18,6 × 10,3 cm.
Dimensions (written): 13,4 × 7,2 cm.
Foliation: Foliation supplied by the cataloguers


ii(4), iv(12), iii(18), iii(24), iii(30), vi(42), ii(46), vi(58), iv(62), iv(72), iv(80), iii(86), iii(92), iii(98), vi(106), iii(112), iii(118), v(128),iv(134), iv(142) iv(150), iv(158)

Catchwords in each verso in black ink; the margins have been trimmed and the text is generally illegible.


Good condition


15 lines per page in 2 columns


Nastaʿlīq, black ink

Miskīn ʿAbbās مسكين عباس


Decorated headpiece in f. 1b with a rectangular panel surmounted by spade-shaped ornamentation; the inner ornamentation contains yellow and pink flowers with white stems on gold ground, the outer ornamentation red flowers with white stems in blue ground

Section headings written in white ink within a small rectangular gilded panel

Rubrications in red ink

Page borders ruled in red and gold; frame decorated with white, red and gold flowers

Illustrations in f.

Seal with the legend: از تقاضای حکمت ازلی میر جهان مراد علی بسنت ۱۲۳۰ ; dated in 1230 / 1814.

  • ownership statement

    The ownership statement in f. 158b states that this book belonged to certain Muḥsin محسن .


Restored by the Cambridge Conservation Consortium in 1999. Dark red goatskin with grey leather doublures over paste boards in an Islamic-style binding incorporating an envelope flap, Islamic-style headband in red and green silk thread. The conservation report can be consulted online.

Previous19th c. binding kept in a separate envelope: half bound in brown leather and marbled paper over paste boards.


Origin: 1023 AH; 1614 CE Mirpur Khas

Provenance and Acquisition

The manuscript belonged to the library of Ali Murad Talpur, the second ruler of the Mankani Talpurs state of Mirpur Khas; as seen in the seal dated in 1230 / 1814.

Presented to Trinity Hall by Geraldine Essayan in memory of her uncle, Lawrence Strangman, in 1996


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