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1 copy of Khusraw u Shīrīn by 2 authors

Language(s): Persian


For a more detailed description see Rieu 1895, page 156.
For a more detailed description see Titley 1977, page 144-145.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 99 ff
Dimensions (leaf): 12.25 × 8.25 in.




One ʿunwān

Two gold-ruled columns

63 miniatures, mostly whole page

Rich designs in the margins

f. 5v Hurmuzd enthroned.

f. 6r Birth of Khusrau Parvīz.

f. 6v Khusrau being taught by Buzurjumīd.

f. 7r Khusrau hunting blackbuck.

f. 7v Khusrau listening to Bārbad playing the lute.

f. 8v Buzurjumīd pleading to Hurmuzd on behalf of Khusrau.

f. 11r Khusrau sending Shāpūr in search of Shīrīn.

f. 11v Shāpūr seated before an idol temple on his way to find Shīrīn.

f. 12v Shīrīn holding the portrait of Khusrau watched by Shāpūr.

f. 16v Shīrīn riding off to find Khusrau.

f. 17r Shīrīn's companions telling her aunt, Mahīn Bānū, of Shīrīn's journey.

f. 19v Khusrau watching Shīrīn bathing.

f. 20v Shīrīn offered refreshment at Khusrau's castle.

f. 22r Shīrīn on a terrace.

f. 23r Shāpūr returning to Khusrau.

f. 25r Buzurjumīd before Khusrau.

f. 26r The reunion between Mahīn Bānū and Shīrīn brought about by Shāpūr.

f. 28r Khusrau and Shīrīn meeting.

f. 30r Khusrau and Shīrīn playing polo.

f. 31r Khusrau with Shīrīn after he had killed the lion outside her tent.

f. 34r Battle between Khusrau and Bahrām Chūbin.

f. 36r Accession of Shīrīn to the throne of Armenia.

f. 37r Shīrīn travelling with her companions to visit Khusrau.

f. 38v Khusrau with Maryam, daughter of Caesar.

f. 41v Farhād brought by Shāpūr to visit Shīrīn.

f. 42v Shīrīn visiting Farhād on Mt. Bisitun. Sculpture of Shīrīn (damaged).

f. 45r Buzurjumīd advising Khusrau to send for Farhād.

f. 45v Khusrau's messenger with Farhād.

f. 46r Farhād brought before Khusrau.

f. 47v Khusrau sending Farhād back to the mountains to cut the road.

f. 49v Farhād carrying Shīrīn and her horse.

f. 51r (above). Farhād commiting suicide. (below). Shīrīn visiting Farhād's tomb.

f. 53v Khusrau, with four prisoners before him, being advised by Buzurjumīd.

f. 55v Khusrau arriving at Shakar's house at Ctesiphon.

f. 56r Shakar leaving Khusrau.

f. 56v Khusrau flirting with Shakar's companions.

f. 57r Khusrau and Shakar on a terrace.

f. 58v Khusrau and Shakar on a terrace.

f. 63r Khusrau arriving at Shīrīn's castle.

f. 63v Shīrīn refusing to meet Khusrau because he had been unfaithful to her.

f. 72v Shīrīn arrives disguised at Khusrau's camp at night and is hidden by Shāpūr.

f. 76r Khusrau listening to Bārbad playing the lute and Nigīsā playing the chang.

f. 78r Shīrīn making her presence known to Khusrau.

f. 78v Khusrau and Shīrīn being entertained.

f. 79r Return of Khusrau and Shīrīn to their respective homes.

f. 80v Wedding gift carried by mules and camels.

f. 81v Elephants sent as wedding gifts.

f. 82r Slaves and handmaidens sent as gifts by Khusrau to Shīrīn.

f. 83r The marriage of Khusrau and Shīrīn by priests in the presence of Buzurjumīd and Shāpūr.

f. 84r Khusrau, drunk, listening to music played by Bārbad, Nigīsā and other musicians.

f. 85r Khusrau fliritng with the female messenger sent to him by Shīrīn.

f. 86v Khusrau and Shīrīn in a pavilion.

f. 87v Khusrau and Shīrīn listening to music played by Bārbad and Nigīsā.

f. 88r (above). Marriage of Shāpūr and Humāyūn. (centre). Marriage of Bārbad and Sumanburg. (below). Marriage of Nigīsā and Hamīlā.

f. 91r Khusrau and Shīrīn visiting a fire temple.

f. 92r Khusrau being murdered by Shīrūy's emisary.

f. 93r (background). Khusrau lying in state. (foreground). Shīrīn adorning herself.

f. 95r Shīrīn walking in the funeral procession of Khusrau.

f. 95v Buzurjumīd leading the funeral procession accompanied by water-sprinklers and men giving coins to bystanders.

f. 96r Shīrīn commiting suicide on Khusrau's tomb.

f. 99r Niẓāmī presenting his poem " Khusrau u Shīrīn " to one of the sons (either Muḥammad or Ḳizil Arslān) of Ildigiz.


Bound in painted and glazed covers


Origin: 1139 AH

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on Ch. Rieu: Supplement to the Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in the British Museum. London, 1895


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