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Persian MS 233 (The John Rylands Library, The University of Manchester)

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Summary of Contents: A major work on religious obligations and moral duties, extracted from the author's Arabic work Iḥyā’ ‘Ulūm al-Dīn احياء علوم الدين. Contains the second rukn entitled muhlakāt مهلکات, devided into ten aṣl.
Incipit: (beginning) رکن سوم از ارکان عقبات راه دین که انرا مهلکات گویند که آن چیست و چندست و علاج آن بر چه وجه است و مدار این رکن نیز بر ده اصل است
Language(s): Persian
1v (196)
Title: aṣl 1
Title: اندر ریاضت نفس و طهارت از خوی بد
14r (209)
Title: aṣl 2
Title: علاج شهوت و شکم و فرح است وشره آن
23r (218)
Title: aṣl 3
Title: علاج شرط سخن و آفت زبان
36v (233)
Title: aṣl 4
Title: علاج بیماری خشم و حسد و حقد
43r (240)
Title: aṣl 5
Title: علاج دوستی دنیا
48v (245)
Title: aṣl 6
Title: علاج دوستی مال و آفت بخل
63r (260)
Title: aṣl 7
Title: علاج دوستی جاه و حشمت
69r (265)
Title: aṣl 8
Title: علاج ریا و نفاق در عبادت
84r (280)
Title: aṣl 9
Title: اندرعلاج کبر و عجب
97v (293)
Title: aṣl 10
Title: علاج غرور و غفلت


volume I Persian MS 231 volume II Persian MS 232, volume IV Persian MS 234

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 108 folios, 2 fly leaves
Dimensions (leaf):
Dimensions (written):

Folioed with Arabic figures, 196-304, with three folios missing 222 to and one folio between 260 and 261 not numbered.






Provenance and Acquisition

Formerly part of the collection of the Persian scholar Nathaniel Bland (1803-1865). Bland’s oriental manuscripts were sold through Bernard Quaritch in 1866 to Alexander Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford.

Purchased by Enriqueta Rylands, on behalf of the John Rylands Library, in 1901 from James Ludovic Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford.

Record Sources

Bibliographical description based on an index created by Reza Navabpour circa 1993. Identification of provenance based on manuscript catalogue by Michael Kerney, circa 1890s.


The manuscript is available for consultation by any accredited reader, see Becoming a Reader for details. Please contact uml.special-collections@manchester.ac.uk for further information on the availability of this manuscript.

Funding of Cataloguing

Iran Heritage Foundation and The John Rylands Research Institute


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