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Z. 6 (Old Library, Jesus College, Cambridge)

Oriental Manuscripts


Dīvān by Khāqānī, Afz̤al al-Dīn Shirvānī, ca. 1126-1198 or 9

Title: Dīvān
Title: ديوان
Incipit: (basmallah) f. 1v بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Explicit: First verse: f. 1v دل من پير تعليمست و من طفل زبان دانش دم تسليم سر عشر وسر زانو دبستانش
Colophon: f. 448 جمله اوراق چهار صد و چهل و هشت ۴۴۸

Language(s): Persian


Physical Description

Form: other
Support: Oriental paper
Extent: 447 ff.
Dimensions (leaf): 16,3 × 8,4 cm.
Dimensions (written): 10
Foliation: Original foliation in Arabic numbers


Due to the tight binding it is not possible to describe the collation of the quires

Catchwords in each verso


Good condition


19 lines per page


Nastaʿlīq, black ink


Rubrications in red ink

Border of the writting surface in red and black ink

  • f. 450v statement of ownership

    E. T. Hihgame, Lt. 2 Bat. 19th Reg.

    Captain Edward Thurlow Hihgame gave this to his cousin Edw. Hihgame, fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, who presented it to the Coll. Library

  • Letter attached to guard page

    Dear Sir, The book is a collection of poems in Persian by a person of the name of Khakanee, a celebrated though rather obscure poet, for whose age and country I refer you to the Bibliothèque Orientale de W. d'Herbelôt. The M.S. is elegant and apparently correct, but there is no notice of the time and place where it was made. It is no long since I have been in the habit of seeing these things that I cannot give a -- opinion, but it appears to me to have been written in Hindostan about 80 years ago; it may be much older. Yours Truly, Henry Keene


Brown leather binding with flap

Both boards decorated with gilded frame and three central lobes; flap decorated with gold


Origin: 1800 ca. AH

Provenance and Acquisition

The manuscript belonged to Captain Edward Thurlow Hihgame, who gave it to his cousin Edward Hihgame

Presented by Edward Hihgame, fellow of Jesus College


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