Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

Qq. 39 (University Library, Cambridge University)

Oriental Manuscripts


1 copy of Ḥusn al-muḥāḍarah fī akhbār Miṣr wa-al-Qāhirah by Suyūṭī, 1445-1505

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Different European papers, evidenced by three distinct watermarks and variations in the number of chain lines and laid lines. Paper polished, light yellow in colour throughout but slightly darker at the front of the manuscript. On Folio 60, chain line count: 5/6 and laid line count: 17/18. Tres Lunes on fly leaf. The main portion of the manuscript is on paper from the region of Lucca (Italy : Province) produced in the late 17th Century AD by the Tegrimi Family, who was known to export this high quality paper to Egypt. Lion appearing on every one or two folios from folio 102 throughout to folio 148. Counter mark to Lion Vorno first appears on folio, then with frequency until the appearance of the Lion watermark, that reappears on folio 148. Crown on folio 50 and also on folio 96, indistinct appearance on folios 150, 154, 244.
Extent: 365 folios, 4 fly leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 277 × 165 mm.
Dimensions (written): 190 × 100 mm.

Quaternions with later incoherernce. Two folios upside down causing discontinuity between 111v and 112r and also 201v and 201r last folio misnumbered as 465 instead of 365.


27 lines to the page, text frames in red throughout,


Black ink, titles in red

  • marginalia occasional additions in the margins, empty text frame 331r according to the text this was meant for a map.
  • marginalia Small extra text box, framed 40v
Catchwords on every verso page


European 19th Century tight binding, half leather, light brown; marbled boards, five supports. Sewing: 7 lines down centre see folio 175. Numbering of quires in European hand in reverse order.

Unwan with gold framed text box


Origin: On folio 365v accidently foliated as 465 below the colophon. 20th Ramadan 1115 AH . Copied probably in Egypt

Provenance and Acquisition

Bequest of J.L. Burckhardt (1784-1817) in 1819.

Record Sources

Codicological description based on the research of Katherine Williams and Omar Anchassi original manuscript description based on E. G. Browne: A hand-list of the Muhammadan manuscripts, including all those written in the Arabic character, preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, 1900.


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