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MS. Marsh 42 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

Oriental Manuscripts Marsh Collection


Summary of Contents: 11 works by 5 authors on the subjects of Arabic language, Philosophy, Deserts, Tales, Medicine, and Prosody, including one anonymous collection of stories about Nasreddin, Hoca, active 13th century in Ottoman Turkish.
1. folios 1b-26a
Author: Anonymous

A vocabulary of Arabic words used in conversation and letter writing, arranged alphabetically and explained in Persian*

* appears to be a version of the work in MS. Arch. Seld. A. 60

Language(s): Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish


Appendix Lexicography
Ethé 1675
2. folios 28b-36a
Author: Anonymous

With pencilled marginal and interlinear notes (by Marsh?)

Language(s): Arabic


Appendix Philosophy
[Uri Pers. 92 (2)]
3. folios 37-46
Language(s): Persian


Ethé 429
4. folios 47b-76a
Author: anonymous
Incipit: (folio 47b, line 1) بر کون نصر الدین خواجه منبره چقوب وعد و نصیحت ایدرکن [...]
Filiation: The Asian and Middle Eastern Special Collections at Oxford's Bodleian Libraries holds at least seven manuscripts of Nasreddin Hoca stories in Ottoman Turkish: MS. Bodl. Or. 627, MS. Bodl. Or. 185, MS. Laud. Or. 178, MS. Selden Superius 8, MS. Marsh 42 (this manuscript), MS. Bodl. Or. 192, and MS. Bodl. Or. 85.
Language(s): Colloquial Ottoman Turkish.


5. folios 77a-82b

*This section of the MS. is Arabic, nevertheless

Language(s): Arabic


GAL I 234
[Uri Pers. 92 (5)*]
6. folios 83a-89a

*This section of the MS. is Arabic, nevertheless

Language(s): Arabic


GAL I 235
[Uri Pers. 92 (6)*]
7. folios 94b-112a

A dictionary of Arabic (and a few Persian) words, mostly with interlinear Turkish paraphrase

Language(s): Arabic, Persian, Latin, Turkish


Appendix Lexicography
[Ethé 2227]
8. folios 116a-120b*

*f. 114r has the Latin title; folios 114v-115v blank; f. 121 blank.

**This section of the MS. is Arabic, nevertheless.

Language(s): Arabic


GAL I 240
[Uri Pers. 92 (8)**]
9. folios 122b-138a
Author: Anonymous

With interlinear definitions and explanations in Arabic

Language(s): Arabic


Appendix Grammar
[Uri Pers. 92 (9), with note Nicoll p. 433, note b]
10. folios 140b-145a
Author: Anonymous
Language(s): Arabic, Turkish, Italian


Appendix Grammar
[Uri Pers. 92 (10)]
11. folios 166b-161b [European order]
Language(s): Arabic


Appendix Prosody
[Uri Pers. 92 (12)]

Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 161 ff.


Origin: n.d.

Provenance and Acquisition

The collections of Jacob Golius [see Golius Sale Catalogue, Libri M.S. Incompacti in quarto &c, nos. 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, 22, 29, and Addenda. Libri M.S. Compacti in quarto, no. 23, and Addenda. Libri M.SS. Incompacti in quarto, no. 15].

The Library of Archbishop Narcissus Marsh, d. 1713.

The Marsh bequest entered the Bodleian Library in 1714.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on the Bodleian Library's public card index of Arabic manuscripts with additional enhancements by the OCIMCO project team.


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