Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

MS. Marsh 82 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

Oriental Manuscripts Marsh Collection


Summary of Contents: 6 works by 4 authors on the subjects of Arabs, Calendars, Church festivals, Divination, and Christian saints
1. ff. 59r-79 (i)r

f. 79 (ii) is blank

Language(s): Arabic


[Uri Turc. 42 (2); Farmer 13]
2. ff. 80v-97 (i)r
Title: Replies to questions from one Saʻādah al-Qāʼiqah on various calendars in use in the East, including Chinese, Coptic, and Persian

Introductions, differing slightly, in Arabic, Persian and Syriac

ff. 97 (ii), 97 (iii) are blank

Language(s): Arabic, Persian, Syriac


Christian Appendix Calendars
[Uri Turc. 42 (3[i])]
3. ff. 98v-107 (i)v
Author: Anonymous

ff. 107 (ii), 107 (iii) are blank

Language(s): Arabic


Christian Appendix Calendars
[Uri Turc. 42 (3[ii])]
4. ff. 108v-116v
Author: Anonymous
Language(s): Arabic


Christian Appendix Calendars
[Uri Turc. 42 (3[iii])]
5. ff. 133-166r

Divination by verses of the Qurʼān, here given with their magic interpretation in Turkish

Language(s): Arabic, Turkish


GAL I 67
[Uri Turk. 42 (6) superseded by Ethé 2202 [in both cases not quite all]]
6. ff. 177v-183v
Author: Anonymous

f. 184 is ruled but contains no writing

Language(s): Arabic


Christian Appendix Calendars
[Uri Turc. 42 (7[ii])]

Physical Description

Form: codex
21 ff. 18 ff. 10 ff. 9 ff. 34 ff. 7 ff.


Origin: n.d. n.d. n.d. n.d. c. 1578? CE n.d.

Provenance and Acquisition

The collections of Jacob Golius [see Golius Sale Catalogue, Libri Miscellanei M.S. in quarto &c, no. 36].

The Library of Archbishop Narcissus Marsh, d. 1713.

The Marsh bequest entered the Bodleian Library in 1714.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on the Bodleian Library's public card index of Arabic manuscripts with additional enhancements by the OCIMCO project team.


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