Union Catalogue of Manuscripts from the Islamicate World

R.13.16 (Wren Library, Trinity College Cambridge)

Oriental Manuscripts


Collection of tracts on varied subjects, including astronomy, the calendar, geomancy, magic and medicine.

1. f. 1 r.

'Tract on the Deduction of the Arabic from the Roman dates'. Pages have been ruled for a calendar, which has never been filled in.

Language(s): Arabic
3. f. 41 r.

Language(s): Arabic
5. f. 46 r.

Language(s): Arabic
7. f. 57 r.

Contains some instructions about the use of the quadrant.

Language(s): Arabic
10. f. 63 v.

Language(s): Arabic
11. f. 72 r.
Language(s): Arabic
12. f. 72 r.
Language(s): Arabic
13b. f. 82 r.
Language(s): Arabic
14. f. 82 v.

From the same work as the preceeding.

Language(s): Arabic
15. f. 83 v.

Also contains a medical diagnosis of his constitution, an account of rememdies used by him for his ailments,and some verses by Ibn Ḥijjah al-Ḥamawī, Taqī al-Dīn Abū Bakr ibn ʻAlī,‏ d. -1434

Language(s): Arabic
16. f. 88 r.
Language(s): Arabic
20. f. 133 r.

Written on the title page of the preceeding work.

Language(s): Arabic
21. f. 133 r.

Commentary on Waraqāt fī al-ʿamal bi-rubʿ al-muqanṭarāt by Māridīnī, ʻAbd Allāh ibn Khalīl,‏ ‎d. -1406, a treatise on the use of the Azimuth quadrant.

Language(s): Arabic
24. f. 164 v.

Includes the times of the sun's rising, as well as that of the signs of the Zodiac, forming an ephemeris for the year 1594 AD.

Language(s): Arabic
26. f. 174 r.
Language(s): Arabic
27. f. 175 r.

For the year 1552 AD.

Language(s): Arabic
29. f. 176 r.

A treatise of twenty chapters and a khātimah on the use of the quadrant.

Language(s): Arabic
31. f. 192 r.

This is the first page of the following treatise, with many marginal notes and references written over it.

Language(s): Arabic
32. f. 193 v.
Title: ِ

A treatise on the sine and the use of the mujayyab quadrant, explanatory of the work of the same name by Qasṭallānī, Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad,‏ ‎d. 1447 or 1448-1517 or 1518.

Language(s): Arabic
33b. f. 199 r.
Language(s): Arabic
35b. f. 200 v.

A treatise on the practical working with the sine of the quadrant, consisting of twenty-four chapters.

Language(s): Arabic
37-39a. ff. 218 v. - 221 v.
Language(s): Arabic
41. f. 232 v.

A treatise on the mujayyab quadrant, consisting of a preface and twenty chapters.

Language(s): Arabic

Physical Description

Form: other
Extent: 251 ff.


Carefully written in an elegant taʿlīq hand


Origin: 959-961 AH

Record Sources

"Manuscript description based on "E. G. Browne: A supplementary hand-list of the Muhammadan manuscripts, including all those written in the Arabic character, preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, 1922", and "E.H. Palmer A Descriptive Catalogue of the Arabic, Persian and Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, London 1870".


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