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MS. Elliott 90 (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

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Elliott Collection


Summary of Contents: One incomplete copy of a غراٸب الصغر Ġarā'ibu l-ṣiġar, the first of the Chaghatay dīwāns of مير على شير نوائى Mīr ‘Alī Šēr Nawā'ī's four-part series, خزاٸن المعانی Ḫazā'inu l-ma‘ānī. Stops at what is canonically known as the 10th rubā‘ī of the last qism ( [...] نوش ایلار ایمیش قدحنی جانانه تولا -- folio 139a, line 4), so missing just over 100 rubā‘ī at the end. Lacks the mixed poetical/prose dēbāča which accompanies some versions of the text. Frontispiece gives the title as دیوان آمیر نوآیی.
Title: Ġarā'ibu l-ṣiġar
Title: Gharā'ib al-ṣighar
Title: غراٸب الصغر
Title: Dīwān-i Āmīr Nawāyī
Title: Dīvān-i Āmīr Navā'ī
Title: دیوان آمیر نوآیی
Language(s): Chaghatay
Filiation: There are at least three other copies of this work in the Asian and Middle Eastern Collections of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries: MS. Laud Or. 283 (complete), MS. Elliot 91 (partial), and MS. Turk. c. 7 (partial).


Physical Description

Form: codex
Extent: 139 folios
Dimensions: 26.4 × 17.8 cm.


Two columns of 12 lines each per page.


Script: Nastaʻlīq. Scribe: Sulṭān ʻAlī Mašhadī.


Illuminated frontispiece.

First two pages richly embellished.

Ornaments in gold, purple, and orange throughout.



Origin: No date given, but before the death of its calligrapher Sulṭān ʻAlī Mašhadī, i.e. not after 1513 CE; 919 AH ; likely Herat, as this is where the scribe is known to have been active.

Provenance and Acquisition

The collections of Sir Gore Ouseley.

The collections of John Bardoe Elliott.

Presented to the Bodleian Library by J.B. Elliott, in 1859.

Record Sources

Manuscript description based on: Beeston, A. F. L. (Alfred Felix Landon); Ethé, Hermann, 1844-1917.; Sachau, Eduard, 1845-1930; Catalogue of the Persian, Turkish, Hindûstânî, and Pushtû manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford; at the Clarendon Press 1889-1953


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